Research has shown that sleep problems are a significant issue in the United States. According to the CDC, 1 out of every 3 adult Americans suffers from inadequate sleep regularly. According to Psychology Today, hotel guests can have difficulty falling asleep during their stay, especially if they are traveling for business or taking care of small children. Your guests can find it difficult to wind down for bed. If they are in an unfamiliar environment and there are external factors causing stress.

If you are a hospitality professional, you might ask – what else can I do to ensure that my guests sleep well at night? Many hotel amenities, such as comfortable blankets, soft sheets, and quality pillows are geared toward making your stay comfortable. However, one amenity that hotel guests often overlook is the bathrobe. Most guests will probably not be able to sleep in the robes themselves, but it can still be a crucial part of the bedtime ritual and make all the difference when it comes to making the guest feel ready for bedtime. Nothing is more relaxing than the soft touch of a luxurious bathrobe after a relaxing bath or shower to get your guests in the mood to lie down for the night.


An Overlooked Facility that Needs to be Recognized

After a long day of travel, it’s time to slip into a soft and cozy bathrobe in your hotel room. It’s the most relaxing thing after a long day of traveling. There is nothing like wearing those ultra-luxurious hotel robes at home, which is in addition to wearing those robes at work. While hospitality is a very particular industry, and most details are meticulously considered bathrobes are often overlooked as a hospitality amenity as they are an item that is commonly overlooked. We evaluated various robes. When researching the best hotel-quality bathrobes that can be purchased for your home. We assessed the robes according to their comfort level, style, durability, and versatility. 


It is common for hotels and resorts to select unflattering, cookie-cutter robes or omit robes altogether in favor of less formal clothing. Beyond Bridges USA Robe Collection was born from this gap in the customer experience. Which ultimately led to the development of a series of high-end, luxurious robes that are sure to impress your guests, leaving them relaxed and ready for bed in no time.


Hotel Bathrobes: How to Choose the Best

You should consider a bathrobe & spa hotel if you want a memorable experience with your family and friends. Luxury hotels or hotels that received frequent foreign guests were the predominant users of hotel bath gowns in the past, but this is not the case anymore. Currently, we live in a society that identifies using a high-quality products as an essential component of human development. It is also imperative to upgrade and improve the quality of service the hotel or spa offers by providing additional items that are required to provide.  A comfortable staffing experience for their customers when employers offer this type of service.


It is worth noting that bathrobes can be manufactured from various materials such as towels made of 100% cotton or a combination of both. Amongst those who wash and dry their hair after showering, this product is one of the top-rated ones. Due to its ability to absorb water instantly. Therefore the product’s skin when it is received will be smooth and silky. When it is received so it will be easy for the user to handle the product. 


Additionally, as well as this another essential aspect of the kimono bathrobe is that its design style allows the wearer to conceal all indications of your body and also enjoy a comfortable and fast shower. There has been a change in the way people are booked now as opposed to the past when towels were used to book people.

cozy bathrobe


Various types and colors of bathrobes are available on the market today, and there are plenty of varieties to choose from. Generally, suppose fabrics are used in hotels. In that case they can be divided into two categories based on their materials: cotton yarns and fibers used for cloth towels to make things easier to understand. A belt can be attached to a kimono shirt any time of the year. These belts have always been designed and manufactured reliably. There is still a strong tendency for white to be used in hotels and spas since. It is the most common color in these places. 


Importance of Bathrobe for a Hotel Room


The luxury of slipping into a hotel or spa robe while on vacation is something to behold, and if you’re anything like us. You’ve probably tried to recreate that level of comfort when you get home. When it comes to choosing the right loungewear to wear around. The house or to throw on after a shower, it’s not an easy task. Some robes are better suited for the summertime or warmer months. While others are better suited to keeping you warm and cozy during the winter; then there’s the question of whether you prefer long or short robes, plush or waffles.


The best robe for the summer will depend on your personal preference. While the best robe for the winter will depend on your personal preference; those who prefer long or short robes, plush or waffled, may want to choose a summer or winter robe. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a suitable one

Buy Best Quality Bathrobes from Beyond Bridges USA

When you’ve taken a shower. You can wear it as a robe to keep you warm, and in the gym. You can wear it as a robe to absorb all your sweat after you’ve finished exercising. We use high-quality cotton terry in our robes to make you feel absolutely comfortable;

  • An unparalleled level of luxury and super-softness

The innovative design team at our company has created a bathrobe to ensure your comfort. Unlike traditional cotton, which can be stiff and heavy in winter. Our unique synthetic fiber is delightfully cozy during any season. This hotel robe is the ultimate in relaxation apparel and features an unparalleled plush feel and lightweight construction.

innovative design Bathrobes

  • Luxury Bathrobe of a quality design and finish 

Robes designed for commercial use have been manufactured to commercial standards. This fabric is machine washable and dryable, has no shrinkage issues, retains its shape beautifully, and has no fibers that shed during the wash. The shawl collar and cuffed sleeves add a touch of polish and give the robe the refined appearance of a robe.  You’d find in the world’s most luxurious hotels and spa salons.

Luxury Bathrobes

Final Remarks

Nothing beats slipping into a cozy bathrobe in your hotel room when you’ve had a long day of traveling. Bathrobes with long towel piles on them are ultra-soft, lightweight, and water-absorbent at the same time.

Beyond Bridges USA, a leading hospitality and housekeeping supplier offers exceptional bathrobes for hotel rooms that add luxury and comfort. We have a luxury terry bathrobe made of luxury cotton and is highly durable & comfortable. Commercial use is an excellent choice when it comes to hotels and spas.

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