When asked what qualities were most important to them, most women said it wasn’t their looks, their sense of humor, or their money. It was confidence. So it makes sense that men would drop everything and turn to programs that appeal to women and emphasize confidence, right? But again and again, that’s not true, and we men try to get women’s attention with looks, money, and corny jokes. When the confidence factors that attracting women are right under our noses, but we ignore them, it creates a serious imbalance.

I decided to get into the female confidence business and tried several methods. I read a series of self-help books that promised to give me confidence. But in the end, I lacked the self-confidence and practice to build my confidence. It all seemed like a dilemma to me.

The next step in my plan to attracting women was to build my confidence in small increments. I talked to many women every day. But when I was ignored or women looked away in annoyance, my confidence sank into a dark abyss and I felt like my plan to attract women was digging an even deeper hole than it started.

Finally, I almost gave up. I was very embarrassed, and ashamed, and to be honest, I thought I would make it easier on myself. I thought that was the answer. And I didn’t think my plans to attract women were going to make an impact or change anything. Who had I fallen for? A radical penis enlargement surgery? No, I didn’t. I went back to where I started: in order to be attractive to women, I needed confidence, and I had to get it into my head somehow. So I hypnotized myself.

I went in with skepticism and shame, but out of the hole I had dug for myself, I suddenly came out with new confidence, the likes of which I had never known, and I was surprised! A week or two passed, and finally, after a month, I came to the conclusion that I had finally found a solution to my Mote plan that worked beyond my imagination! I had come to the conclusion that I had found a solution that was beyond my imagination. The confidence that hypnosis instilled in me was amazing, and I attracted more women in one month than probably in the previous ten years. And none of it felt forced, but rather very natural and controlled. I always felt comfortable talking to women I wouldn’t have even approached before.

This plan for attracting women was really as simple as apple pie. I was still a little confused as to how effective self-hypnosis was in making me feel more confident. In general, I like to work for rewards. I guess I’ve tried different methods over time. In the end, the plan to attract successful women seemed to be the easiest.

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