8 The Best Steps To Becoming An Instagram Influencer

When I first started my adventure on Instagram, I didn’t know that in the future, I would be the “top influencer.” At first, companies approached me to evaluate their products because I was the CEO of the startup Garnish. Then, things took on a life of their own. I have more than 194,000 people following me on Instagram and growing. More than 500 companies have approached me to sponsor or promote Target, Bumble Bizz, Amazon, Fresh Beauty, and Sephora. click here

Do you want to know my top 8 steps to becoming an Instagram influencer? Check it out.

1. What’s your Instagram specialty?

It may sound clichéd, yet it’s vital. It’s not just about examining your passions. However, you must also be transparent about your strengths.

Sports, cooking, beauty, art, interior decorating? Do you love making funky sushi dishes? Perhaps you’re able to create unique hairstyles that no one has ever seen. Whatever you do, it’s your area of expertise. For me, fitness and beauty seemed to be a perfect match, as a mom of two children in the entertainment field opened my eyes to new possibilities.


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While you’re slamming yourself into Instagram, take the time to start blogs. This will help build your image

2. Analytics on Instagram (sigh)

It might appear dull, but you’ll require an Instagram Business Account to read the analytics. Find out more about Instagram Insights. It offers all the demographic information you need about the people who follow you. It also lets you track viewers’ views as well as activities.

If you’re in the business of your niche, It’s not like you’re posting posts randomly but are doing it strategically. What are your fans enjoying? Which ones are less popular? This will aid in building your profile on Instagram.

Nice To Have Or Must Have?

To be honest, I don’t think everyone is a fan of analytics, but I believe it’s interesting. When you first start, understanding this yourself will give you an advantage.


3. Concentrate the Instagram profile of your account

You’ve experience when you’re applying to new positions, working on your resume and CV. The same level of accuracy you require when writing the content of your Instagram bio.

You don’t have to worry about it. There are only 150 words. However, that brief paragraph is your elevator pitch. It’s your introduction to your brand, message, what you’re about, and what you want to achieve. Your bio should express the essence of the person you are. Ensure you include an email address in your bio if there is an online presence or blog.

4. All it’s about is Instagram aesthetics

Are you aware that when browsing Instagram, you’re constantly clicking on pictures with excellent or intriguing aesthetics? The vibe is apparent in various ways.

Learn how to create stunning photographs. If you’re not confident in how to get started, begin learning! Are you able to pay for a competent team? I recommend you do this. Most influencers choose the color scheme to ensure that their images are consistent. It is their color scheme. However, you don’t need to use this technique; it can make your posts more easily identifiable. My posts aren’t all identical. However, I prefer the same style: elegant yet down-to-earth, sassy, and still valid.

Don’t stress about being flawless. Concentrate on professionalism, high quality, and a positive impression.

5. Make sure to include your Instagram captions

Your photos will entice your followers, and the captions can be a powerful communication tool. Be aware of this minor but crucial component. It’s not a sonnet. Haiku is a form of writing. The captions help a brand seem more interesting and genuine. It’s your voice speaking to your customers, so show your personality.

Begin by asking yourself: What is the voice of my brand? You’ve identified your market. You know your style; however, how do you communicate? Are you chill, feisty, fun, or humorous? Your tone and language are as captivating as your photos. Choose a voice that resonates with you and be constant.

6. Find the most popular Instagram hashtags

#InfluencerLifeGoals. Do you realize that using hashtags could increase the number of followers you have on Instagram? Instagram posts that include hashtags result in higher interactions and more views.

Let’s say you’re reviewing a newly launched skincare brand from Sephora. Are you sure your blog post will be tagged using that hashtag? #skincare? No! You must be specific and use multiple hashtags to ensure you are the post is seen. For instance: #SephoraWatermelonMask, #SplurgingAtSephora, #BestUnderEyeCream. The idea is clear.

You should aim for between 5 and 30 hashtags on each post. It is also essential to be careful not to use more than one hashtag. Find the perfect hashtag. Don’t be afraid to check out other influential people’s hashtags. Instagram Insights will show you what your hashtags are doing.

7. Create an Instagram posting schedule

I cannot stress this enough: you must constantly update your blog and figure out your ideal frequency for posting. Influencers with the most influence will post 1.5 every day, research suggests. It’s not necessary to be doing this, I certainly don’t, but I have found that I’m still successful. If you are active on social media with your followers, you can stay in touch with your followers. Much of this is due to Instagram’s algorithm. If your weekly frequency goes lower, you’ll be placed lower in the algorithm, which means you’ll show up less.

The best way to manage the flow of my time and my schedule is to schedule one day a week when I take a variety of pictures and then plan with my team about when the posts are expected to go out. Try the scheduling tools like Sked Social. Whatever way you design your posts, you must be conscious of what you do.

8. Your Instagram followers would like to hear from you.

Have you ever reached out to one of your favorite influencers and heard an answer from them? You’ll know it’s an incredible feeling if you’ve done that.

In the final analysis, Instagram is a platform for social interaction, and engaging with your followers generates enthusiasm and loyalty. Engage with other influencers, make comments on posts that relate to your business and maintain your presence prominent on Instagram. When you comment that spark relationships and discussions, responding to comments left by others in your post can be enjoyable and rewarding.

Making the time to connect and interact with your followers via Instagram is vital to being an influencer. Always thank followers for their assistance.

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