Streaming movies and TV shows with UnlockMyTV used to be one of the best Android apps. The situation has changed, unfortunately. There is no longer a working version of this app, and it has been replaced with UnlockMyTTV.

You’ll enjoy this guide if you enjoyed UnlockMyTV. Here are some ways to stream free movies & TV shows that you can use instead of UnlockMyTV. There are many better apps than UnlockMyTV that pull more streams.

7 Best Alternatives to UnlockMyTV

Here are the best picks:

1. Cinema HD

One of the best streaming apps, Cinema HD was created to replace the defunct Terrarium TV. You can watch almost any HD title with the app, which is dedicated to streaming movies and TV shows.

By adopting Terrarium TV’s interface, Cinema HD lets users sort titles by categories such as popular, trending, top-rated, airing today, comedy, drama, etc. The titles can also be filtered by year or even searched by title. Under settings, you can add Real Debrid for premium links to customize the app.

2. FilmPlus

It’s only recently that FilmPlus became one of the best apps for streaming movies and TV shows. It looks like UnlockMyTV, as it is yet another version of the legendary TerrariumTV.

One of the biggest additions to the app is a link scraping feature. There are up to 40 links you can select from when you select a video!

3. UnlockMyTTV

If you are looking for something similar to UnlockMyTV, then UnlockMyTTV is the app for you. Although it reuses its predecessor’s code and branding, it uses a different source. HD streams are available in more and better quality.

There are categories such as Popular, Trending, Top Rated, Airing Today, Drama, Comedy, and more, just like UnlockMyTV.

4. Nova TV

There are a number of good alternatives to UnlockMyTV, including Nova TV APK. Despite frequent updates, the app has become a top app for movies & TV shows. Although the app does not use Terrarium TV’s interface, it is attractive and easy to use.

Among its unique features is an episode calendar that shows upcoming episodes. Using Trakt, users can also track their viewing history.

5. ZiniTevi

ZiniTevi is a great streaming app and an excellent alternative to UnlockMyTV. With this app, you can easily access any movie or TV show thanks to its great original interface. There are various collections of movies listed on the app’s homepage, including Avengers, Star Wars, Batman, Fast and Furious, DC films, Sony Pictures, etc. There are then categories such as popular, recently added, trending, and more.

Streaming titles in 720p and 1080p quality is available on ZiniTevi, so you don’t have to wait for links to aggregate. Additionally, you can change streams without leaving the player and cast the stream on another device.

6. TeaTV

One of the best alternatives to UnlockMyTV is TeaTV. It has been around for quite some time, and its popularity has grown due to its consistency. With the app, users can stream a huge selection of HD movies and TV shows.

One of the extra features of TeaTV is Live TV, which allows users to watch live TV. There is no content aggregation, but you can easily set up M3U lists to watch free live TV.

7. Popcorn Time

If you’d prefer an app that works differently from UnlockMyTV, Popcorn Time might be a good choice. BitTorrent is used to avoid buffering in the app. As a result, you can enjoy smooth streaming even if your Internet connection is slow.

However, Popcorn Time uses torrent technology, which may cause your traffic to be blocked by some ISPs. Stream anonymously with IPVanish before you open Popcorn Time to avoid any issues.

Wrap up

Despite the fact that UnlockMyTV doesn’t work anymore, you shouldn’t be concerned. Better apps almost always replace these apps as they come and go. You should be able to stream any movie or TV show you want for free using the alternatives above.

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