Haier is one of the top 10 best washing machines brands in India, that you can consider buying for your house. If you thinking about the hefty cost factor, you can always opt to buy a washing machine with one EMI to lower your financial constraints. The prices of Haier washing machines on EMI start from a very affordable range for you to buy. To help you with your purchase, here are some of the 5 best Haier washing machines in India. Read to know more!

  • Haier HWM62-707NZP Top Loading Fully Automatic 6.2 Kg

This washing machine is among the top-rated washing machines in India. It is a 5-star rated washing machine, which is fully automatic with a top load feature. The capacity of this machine is 6.2 Kg, which is enough for a small or medium family. In addition, the cost of Haier HWM62-707NZP is just Rs. 12,000, but purchasing this Haier washing machine on EMI is more economical. You can buy a washing machine on EMI at just 1,000 rupees per month.

Considering the features, this washing machine has all the attributes that you need for an effective laundry routine. Furthermore, the design of this Haier HWM62-707NZP is incredible, it looks stunning, and strong, & leaves a remarkable presence for your visitors & guests.

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  • Haier HTW85-186S Top Loading Semi Automatic 8.5 Kg

If you want a Haier washing machine on EMI at a low price, you should try purchasing the Haier HTW85-186S variant. It is a premier-grade washing machine, available at just 13,000 rupees. Well, you can buy washing machine on EMI at just 678 rupees along with installation and other charges. It is a perfect top-load washing machine, ideal to wash clothes of 7-8 people at the same time.

In addition, washing clothes with Haier HTW85-186S is very easy, it automatically removes extra water and enables quick drying. This is a 5-star rated washing machine, very efficient and adequate to use. Furthermore, the high spin speed of this machine is 1,300 rpm which allows for quick drying and speedy water removal. It is one of the most energy-efficient models you can find in India. 

  • Haier HWM78-789NZP Fully Automatic Top Loading 7.8 Kg

This is a top-load fully automatic washing machine. It is one of a kind washing machine in the Indian market that has a water level alert and prudent energy-saving feature. The price of this washing machine is only Rs. 31,000, but you can get this Haier washing machine on EMI at a very minimal cost. At just Rs. 2,000 rupees per month, you can buy a washing machine on EMI today.

Well, in respect of advanced & modern features, this washing machine is integrated with Oceanus Wave Drum which provides enhanced cleaning results by reducing abrasion from clothes. In addition, Haier HWM78-789NZP has two bionic magic filters which provide a clean & hygienic wash by removing lint every time.

  • Haier HW70-B12636NZP Fully Automatic Front Loading 7 Kg

This is another proficient front-load washing machine in India. This is an iconic machine, equipped with fully automatic inverter technology. If you want to opt for full down payment, you have to pay Rs. 32,000 for this washing machine. Whereas you can also get this Haier washing machine on EMI for just Rs. 1,500 rupees per month.

Opting to buy a washing machine on EMI is cost-effective as well as easy and beneficial for you. Well, when it comes to features of Haier HW70-B12636NZP, this machine has a brushless inverter motor, dual spray, anti-bacterial technology, 15 wash programs, & super drum which makes it perfect to enhance the wash quality. Furthermore, the motor of this machine generates 1200 rpm power without vibrations & by providing extensive care for clothes.

  • Haier HW65-B10636NZP Fully Automatic Front Loading 6.5 Kg

It is among the best Haier washing machines that you can get your hands on. Haier HW65-B10636NZP is fully automatic and generated the power of 1000 rpm which helps in faster & efficient wash of clothes. You can get this Haier washing machine on EMI at a very affordable price. Feature-wise, it has a digital display, electronic controls, and tempered glass window to make it look elegant & premium.

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