Fun surprises for the birthday boy or girl: There’s one birthday, hooray, hooray! You want to put the birthday girl in the confetti. Because whether the birthday person turns 18, 26, or 82, every year of life is a reason to surprise someone for his birthday. We are happy to help you with that, with ideas for a cool surprise party, a list of the best gifts, and inspiration for unforgettable outings. Put on your party hat and get inspired with the following 17 fun surprises for a birthday. 

Birthday surprise party!

When you think of a surprise for a birthday, you naturally think of a surprise party. All of us get out from under the furniture to a loud Surprise! is of course super fun. But how about a tailor-made surprise party that exactly suits the birthday boy or girl? One of the following ideas will help you create memories for life.

Own whiskey bar, taco bar, sushi bar

If you are looking for a nice surprise for a friend, go to a bar with his or her favorite food or drink. A sushi bar, whiskey bar, or taco bar will appeal to the enthusiast. For example, get started on putting together a bar yourself, arrange it through a restaurant or have everyone bring something in the American way.

Theme party as a surprise for a birthday

Is the birthday girl really a big party animal? Surprise him or her with a theme party on his or her birthday. This is a nice surprise for when someone turns 50, but also for any age. He or she must have asked you How old am I today, just to remember your upcoming birthday, so a birthday surprise will be the gift for the birthday boy or girl.  For example, go for a 90s party, opt for the art deco 1920s style or go for the Disney theme. By the way, don’t forget to put the theme on the invitations, so that everyone comes dressed in style. 

Birthday surprise at home: champagne breakfast

For some people, breakfast is the time of the day. And if it’s your birthday, you can add a bottle of champagne to that. Have it delivered to your home as a surprise on the birthday or kidnap the birthday boy or girl to a place where all family and friends have breakfast.

Italian style dinner

Eating pasta, lasagna, and tiramisu together at a long table with softly fluttering tablecloths… Italian cuisine lends itself very well to a birthday surprise. To arrange a spot in an orchard, make it cozy with string lights and let the best Italian in the neighborhood deliver his culinary masterpieces.

Chef at home

Speaking of culinary masterpieces… They can of course also be created at home by a chef. There are many chefs who will cook for you at a reasonable price in your own home. A nice birthday surprise from and with friends of the birthday boy or girl!

Cool gifts as a surprise for a birthday

Would you like to surprise the birthday boy or girl with an unforgettable gift? There are countless beautiful gifts with which you can give the birthday boy or girl a nice surprise. But we suspect that you only go for the most beautiful and best gift. The following gifts may match your wishes. 

Homemade gift

Perhaps the best gifts are those that are homemade. Because isn’t your time spent on it priceless? The surprise is complete with the following homemade gifts.

  • The homemade poem as a surprise for the birthday
  • Three-course dinner
  • Photo booklet with your best photos
  • Homemade board game
  • Brownies, cake, or cookies

Gift art

If the birthday boy or girl is really an art enthusiast, then this is of course the ideal gift as a surprise for a birthday. It is also advisable to select a beautiful work of art together. This way you can be sure that the birthday boy or girl will receive work that he or she likes.

Illustration of the family

An entry-level version of art is a beautiful illustration of the birthday boy’s family. You send photos of the family members to an illustrator or artist, after which he or she makes a beautiful family portrait. Nice for the wall or as a Christmas card!

Travel bag with initials to surprise with during a birthday

If you are looking for a gift for life, a travel bag with the initials of the birthday boy or girl is the perfect gift. Many people use a travel bag every year, so it is a gift that comes out of the closet again and again. 

Jewelry or watch with the inscription

A piece of jewelry or watch with a beautiful inscription is very personal. If the birthday boy or girl mainly wears jewelry, have a bracelet or ring engraved. Is the birthday girl more of the time? Then a watch might be in order. For example, choose his or her date of birth, a beautiful motto, or a bible text as an inscription. This gift is also nice as a surprise when someone turns 50.

Ideas for an outing as a birthday surprise

Does the party animal like to do and experience things? Then go for a nice outing as a gift. Because whether you’re looking for a surprise for a friend’s birthday, your child’s, or your partner’s, there are a lot of fun things to think of. Write your gift on a birthday card, then you also have something physical to give. The following outings are highly recommended.

Unexpected night away

Toothbrush, underwear, and medication check? Then you have the necessary stuff for an unexpected night out with the birthday boy or girl! Just make sure that the birthday boy’s diary is empty and arrange a nice place to sleep. Discovering another city together, visiting tourist spots, and enjoying a hotel breakfast is a great birthday surprise, isn’t it?

To a festival or concert

Some people only really feel their birthday when they can go wild with a drink and good music. How about a fun festival or concert, for example? You have to arrange this gift a little longer in advance, so be on time!

Classic car tour

Perfect for when the birthday boy or girl reaches a round number: an oldtimer tour. Because reviving old times with a few antique waggies while you discover the area is really something. In between, include a nice lunch and possibly also do a puzzle tour along the way. 

Going to a museum together

Is the birthday person a real culture sniffer? Then a day at the museum might be a great birthday surprise! Beforehand, subtly check with the birthday person which museum is still on the list to visit and make it a pleasant day out. 

Boat trip as a birthday surprise

Discovering nature while enjoying the beautiful weather… That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Rent a boat in a beautiful nature reserve such as the Loosdrechtse Plassen, the Weerribben, or the Biesbosch to surprise the birthday boy or girl with a nice outing. Grab a snack and drink and enjoy.

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