Whether you’re going for a complete bathroom renovation or just making a few changes, bathroom remodeling can make you reevaluate your sense of style and the kind of luxury you want.

An easy way out is to consider glass articles for the bathroom. Glass for shower doors, cabinets, and floating mirrors for bathrooms are ever so popular. They add a touch of sophistication to the space without making it look overstuffed and cluttered.

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Here are some cracking ideas for a potential bathroom remodeling.


1. Steam Showers

A steaming shower is your perfect spa time without leaving home. You’ll need a tight-sealed door and a spacious bathroom to accommodate the facility. Steam shower generators should be switched on before you take a shower. Steam showers are a life savior in winters. You need a vapor barrier to ensure the enclosure is not damaged by steam or its vapor.


2. Floating Mirrors

Whether you install them in your connecting room leading to the bathtub or in the closure with the bathtub, mirrors are known to make rooms look larger. They act as superb natural light reflectors, so you can go small on artificial light installation. You can always install a small chest of drawers below the mirror to store bathroom vanities.

Framed glass mirrors look equally pristine in a large bathroom setup.


3. Catchy Tile Accents

Choosing the right hues for the bathroom is the highlight of bathroom remodeling. The selected color scheme is incorporated into every other move that involves the bathroom. We’re looking for tile accents that make the bathroom look larger and modern. It’s easier to clean tiles. You just have to mop them with a teensy amount of detergent.

If bathroom remodeling is on the books, start thinking about tile installation in the bathroom. Patterned tiles add a beautifully subtle texture to bathroom flooring. They gleam in natural light and add a touch of balance to wall hues, lighting, and bathroom fixtures.

bathroom designing


4. Classy Hearths and Rug Tiles

A small fireplace in the bathroom will be your happy place in winter. Comfy glowing rugs add warmth to your bathroom. If the bathroom is an ensuite, go for a larger fireplace to keep the whole area cozy and warm. The best part about a larger fireplace would be its fine aesthetics against your bathroom’s vanity.

A glass door for the bathroom will make it look delicate and neat. Opt for custom glass door services to help you with door glass installation in Austin.


5. Floating Glass Cabinets

Floating glass cabinets look exquisite with floating glass mirrors. These need to be installed so that the bathroom continues to look spacious but facilitates multiple storage options. Apart from storage, the mantel works for scented candles and glass jars. Contrast your glass cabinets with the large floating mirror or have custom glass cabinets installed to suit the bathroom’s symmetry.


floating cabinets

6. Automatic Towel Warmer

Your bathroom becomes your ultimate comfort zone with a heating towel rack. Automated heating towel racks save time and keep you warm. They can be the easiest to install in bathrooms and offer great utility. Warm towels are a sign of added luxury. For modern homes, a high-tech bathroom would do wonders. Install your towel heating rack near your shower enclosure for convenience and practicality.

Don’t have a shower enclosure installed yet? Install one to add symmetry and style to your simple bathroom. You can also go for custom shower door installation in Austin at affordable prices.


7. Bathroom Wall Niches

Small bathroom wall niches look super cute in subtle hues. They are used for bathroom decoration. Some items include marble jars, scented candles, a small jewelry box (for when you take off jewelry), and some fragrance samples for the bathroom. The niches don’t have to be too showy. They are supposed to be a traditional part of a wall.


8. Integrated Sinks

Remember, we’re trying to save as much walking space as possible. You don’t need a pedestal sink in the bathroom anymore. Integrate your wash basin with a floating cabinet to save bulks of storage and sink space.


9. Glass Shower Enclosures

Larger bathrooms don’t have to be made to look spacious, just small bathrooms. With limited space, remodeling a bathroom does get tricky. Your bathroom remodeling design makes a compact bathroom look larger and brighter. Glass shower enclosures limit spaces you designate to the shower area, making more room for bathroom vanities and remodeling ideas. A frameless shower enclosure looks delicate in smaller bathrooms.


10. Green Wall Paper

Green wallpapers are made from recycled materials and are pleasant to look at. Their subtle shades and hues make them an accurate pick for bathroom walls. You should always decide on your wallpaper based on your flooring options. Subtler wallpaper shades look better with marble flooring. If you have tiled bathroom flooring, go for brighter wallpapers for the bathroom.


modern bathroom with shower glass enclosures


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