Nowadays, everyone uses the phone system, so why not you Managed Services Australia?

You’ve probably been asked this question a few times by relatives, friends or even customers who have been in contact with your company. Some may have even asked you to try cloud PBX services Managed Services Australia.

Managed Services Australia

Yet, you may remain unsure because you feel that cloud PBX, like every other new thing moving up on today’s technologies, could be just another one of those “great now, but problematic later” types.

Mutual benefit for small businesses and cloud PBX phone system providers.

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who thinks this could happen. After all, with today’s economic problems, you need to think carefully before investing in phone systems that can potentially make or break your business.

Knowing the premise will help you determine if the investment is a benefit you want rather than a curse you’ve always feared. Small businesses are the ones that stand to gain the most from the leap from traditional phone lines to modern technologies like cloud PBX. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Fortune 500 companies aren’t taking advantage. It just means that hosted phone system providers have discovered the niche where these services can be truly profitable – both for you and for them. To hedge the risk, some companies are even offering “money-back guarantees” just to prove to you that you won’t regret switching your old phone systems to a cloud phone system.

This is fantastic for you, especially if you are a first-time subscriber, as you can personally test whether the particular cloud PBX phone system provider meets your needs and fulfills your business requirements. This is also fantastic for the providers, as it allows them to tap into and capture the “reluctant switchers” market. And if it works, there’s a chance you’ll recommend their services to other friends or family members who are on the borderline between traditional phones and cloud phone systems.

Moving from traditional phone systems to cloud PBX.

The main selling point for PBX is the reduction in telecom costs and operating expenses. An added bonus is that when you use cloud PBX services, the provider activates your online PBX account immediately, so you can take calls and even start personalizing your call management features without any downtime for your business.

This means that there are no significant telecom gaps while you restore your phone system. This can give you the advantage of not losing customers and not having to deal with downtime. When the actual IP phones arrive, there are no more difficult technical hardware installations required. You simply plug them in and voila! Your physical IP phones and online accounts are synchronized and you’re ready to make your first outbound call – or hundreds of them!

So the next time you’re asked if you’ve already switched to cloud phone systems, you’ll answer with a big smile, “Yes, you should!”

The differences between traditional telephony solutions and hosted VoIP PBXs are like night and day, with hosted PBXs being the clear better telephony option. Hosted PBX solutions are cheaper, easier to scale, and allow for more telecommuting. However, there are some points where traditional telephony solutions still offer advantages that hosted PBX solutions do not, although these small remaining gaps are increasingly being closed as hosted PBX technology evolves.

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