The Bluetooth speaker of the GRPlayer gaming chair is located on the armrest.

Up To What Angle Of Inclination Can The Backrest Of The GTPlayer GT002 Gaming Chair Be Adjusted?

The angle of inclination of this gaming chair from GTPlayer can be varied between 90 and 150 degrees, Polk Tsi 300 Reviews which can be used to meet individual needs. The adjustable armrests provide additional comfort.

What Is The Maximum Load Capacity Of The 1 OH/FD01/NR Chair?

The DXRacer chair is suitable for a maximum weight of 100 kg.

Up To What Weight Can The NITRO CONCEPTS S300 Gaming Chair Be Loaded To The Maximum?

This gaming chair from NITRO CONCEPTS can easily be loaded up to 135 kg. The comfortable cold foam padding is also well breathable, which ensures maximum comfort.

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Up To What Weight Is The Diablo X-Horn Gaming Chair Resilient?

Compared to other models, this gaming chair from X-Horn can be loaded up to 150 kg. In addition, it is infinitely height-adjustable, 360° freely rotatable and convinces with an adjustable backrest and armrest.

What Is The Comfort Of The Corsair T3 Rush Office Chair?

The Corsair T3 Rush office chair features an upholstered neck cushion and memory foam lumbar support, making it suitable for ergonomic sitting.

By How Many Degrees Can The Dowinx LS6899 Office Chair Be Tilted?

With the multifunctional tilting mechanism of the Dowinx LS6899 office chair, the chair can be tilted in a range of 90° – 170°.

Does The AutoFull AF083ZPJA/CB Office Chair Have A Pull-Out Footrest?

The AutoFull AF083ZPJA/CB office chair has a pull-out footrest for foot relaxation during office or video games.

What Scores Did The Individual Gaming Chairs Receive In Our Comparison?

You can choose your personal gaming chair test winner from the following list:

First place – good: Gaming chair by play haha – exemplary Internet price: 90 Euro

Second place – good: WM Heart by IntimaTe – exemplary Internet price: 140 Euro

Third place – good: Luckracer Gaming chair with footrests from LUCKRACER – exemplary Internet price: 140 Euro

Fourth place – good: DX Racer 5 by Robas Lund – exemplary Internet price: 198 Euro

Fifth place – good: BS14RT from Woltu – exemplary Internet price: 121 Euro

Sixth place – good: Gaming chair OBG56BJ by SONGMICS – exemplary Internet price: 133 Euro

Seventh place – good: S300 by NITRO CONCEPTS – exemplary Internet price: 280 Euro

Eighth place – good: T1 Race by Corsair – exemplary Internet price: 239 Euro

Ninth place – good: LS6899 by Dowinx – exemplary Internet price: 240 Euro

Tenth place – good: OBG28B from SONGMICS – exemplary Internet price: 102 Euro

The grading distribution of the gaming chair manufacturers shows that the products are exclusively 8 gaming chairs with the grade “very good” and 15 gaming chairs with the grade “good”.

Most “good” and “very good” gaming chair models, namely 3 pieces, are sent into the race by the gaming chairs brand SONGMICS.

What number of manufacturers and different products is compared in the gaming chairs comparison?

The editors have examined, evaluated a total of 23 gaming chairs from 17 well-known brands and compiled them for you in a clear product table.

Within what price range are the gaming chairs from the product comparison?

For a gaming chair, you can spend between 659.90 euros and 89.99 euros. However, which gaming chair you choose in the end should depend not only on the price, but also on the product characteristics.

Which gaming chair received the best rating from buyers so far?

The Omen Citadel Gaming Chair from HP received the best rating so far, as customers awarded an average of 4.7 stars.

How many of the products examined in the gaming chair comparison were particularly highlighted by the editors?

Of the 23 different gaming chairs, the following were particularly well rated: T3 Rush WW by Corsair, 1 OH/FD01/NR by DXRacer, GT890M by GTPlayer, Iskur by Razer, Gaming Chair by Dowinx, OBG073B04 by SONGMICS, Omen Citadel Gaming Chair by HP and noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair by noblechairs

What other items were customers who bought a gaming chair looking for?

Our research has shown that buyers who have placed a Best Tower Speakers in their shopping cart are


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