For every work, there remain two sides to it. And these different sides help to offer a complete package or a good final result. When it comes to websites and software, there exist two sides of the story and we call them ends. You can call them first and the second end but we call them front and back ends. These ends are different and carry unique responsibilities. A full-services software agency like covers both areas for its clients. Moreover, you will find diversity in them and how they operate in the development process.  

 What is Front-End Development? 

To understand front-end development, consider what you want to see in a website or an application. Some people like to have an attractive display full of vibrant colors. Whereas for some it is textures and tiles in the display. In short, whatever a user or yourself can see comes through a front-end developer. 

They have to deal with giving people a perfect interface. And an interface that they will enjoy more. However, this type of development work requires great design skills, and UI/UX designing lies in this development end. In short, you need to look at front-end development as something through your eyes. 

What is Back-End Development? 

When there are things you can see, there also remain things you cannot see. And back-end development is the field of development that you cannot visualize. However, their work is to deal with everything that includes storage, smooth running of your interface, and a good database to keep information. While there is much debate about what lies in back-end development, you can think of several things that make a website. 

The primary ingredient that makes a website or an application is coding. Back-end developers are mostly coders that use various languages to write software and websites. Hence, the operation of a website or an app happens perfectly through a good back-end development


The Difference 

While you now know how back-end and front-end development stack, it is time to consider their major differences. Moreover, we will offer you differences that ideally represent their diversity and their nature of work. 

  • Two Angles of a Single Interface 

The role or job of front and back-end development differs in a website or an app. And it shows clearly how they differ. In front-end development, developers work with everything a user will experience. In addition, they work with several key settings such as displaying icons, logos, and graphics. 

Thus, whatever you see on a website or an app happens through front-end development. But back-end development is equally important and diverse. It deals with everything that includes the setting up of your interface. Their work involves coding, writing, debugging, and making storage options such as databases. Both of these ends offer valuable services in making the final product look spectacular. 

  • Different Yet Equal Strengths 

The development procedures always carry a unique characteristic among them that makes a job difficult, harder, and important. But often both sides of development carry equal responsibilities and importance that make difficulty similar. All you have to do is pick a side that you feel good about since differentiating them on importance is not favorable. 

These ends of development help a user immensely. For example, a good interface makes their experience and time using the interface favorable. Whereas when they want speed and good storage, the other side of development offers help. Hence, in short, both front and back-end development work tirelessly to their strengths for a single task. 

  • Salary Differences 

With different strengths but equal responsibilities, unfortunately, the pay scale is not similar. In essence, it also seems justifiable if one developer earns more than the other. It is since the job responsibilities differ in front and back-end development. When you compare the jobs of a front-end and back-end developer, you will find that back-end development has higher responsibilities. 

These include creating a perfect interface and making sure people do not find speed lag, storage issues, and coding errors. If any of these occur, a user will not find it favorable to spend time on the website or app. Thus, on average, a back-end developer earns more than a front-end one. 

  • Differences in Languages but Awesome Applications 

A major difference that occurs between front-end and back-end development is the language they use for development. Since their works differ, both sets of developers use different languages for coding and writing graphics. Hence, their difference is major that calls for professionalism in their work. 

Front-end developers work with:

  • React.js 
  • Sass
  • jQuery 
  • AngularJS

Back-end developers work with:

  • PHP
  • Python 
  • Java 

While languages differ, the final result is awesome however you look at it. And from the final work, both these sides of development require appreciation. 

The back-end and front-end developers always compete to work smarter than the other. But the final benefit lies with the customer and the company. Hence, their differences are not critical but healthy for us all. And we must appreciate their efforts, whatever they may be! 


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