Ram-Air Intake

Ram-Air Intake is a modification that can be done to a car or truck that allows greater airflow through the engine, resulting in increased performance. Ram-Air Intake systems are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a number of benefits, including improved fuel economy and increased horsepower. A ram-air intake system consists of two main components: the air cleaner and the ram air induction system. The air cleaner removes dirt, dust, and other debris from the air before it is sent into the engine. The ram dealer near me will help you to buy amazing ram air induction system pipes which can clean air directly into the engine, providing increased airflow and better performance.

History of Ram-Air Intake: Its origins and how it has evolved over the years

The origins of the ram-air intake can be traced back to the early days of aviation. At that time, aircraft engines were very inefficient and required a great deal of air to run them properly. The solution was to attach a fan in front of the engine that would suck air into the engine and push hot air out. This design was first used on military aircraft and quickly became popular on passenger planes as well.

Ram-air intakes evolved over time and became more complex. Nowadays, they typically consist of a series of tubes that converge near the engine. This design allows more air to flow into the engine, which improves performance. Additionally, ram-air intakes are often equipped with filters that remove debris from the airflow. This assists prevent damage to the engine and ensures consistent performance.

Benefits of Ram-Air Intake: What are they, and why should you consider using one on your car?

Ram-air intake benefits include:

  1. Increased airflow and intake noise: Ram-Airs allow more air into the engine, which in turn causes increased airflow and intake noise. This can result in better fuel economy and performance. 
  2. Improved performance: Ram-Air intakes also improve performance by increasing power and torque. In addition, they can also reduce emissions levels by as much as 30%. 
  3. Increased acceleration: Ram-Air intakes are known for their ability to increase acceleration by providing more air to the engine’s combustion chamber. This results in improved fuel economy and faster speeds on the open road. 
  4. Easy installation: While not technically a requirement, most ram-air intakes are easy to install on your car, thanks to their specific design requirements and mounting hardware.


Downsides of Ram-Air Intake: What are the potential problems that can occur, and how can you avoid them?

There are a few potential drawbacks when it comes to installing a ram air intake system on your car. The biggest one is that it can increase your car’s emissions. Another problem is that you may have to modify your vehicle’s engine airflow, which can lead to decreased fuel economy and performance. Finally, if the system isn’t installed correctly, it could create dangerous conditions in the engine compartment. First, make sure you have a certified mechanic install your ram air intake system. Second, be sure to verify the proper fitment of your ram air filter by measuring the outside diameter of your throttle body. If the diameter is too big or too small, then you’ll need to replace the filter. Finally, always be aware of the conditions inside your engine compartment and stay away from sharp objects while installation is taking place.


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