The notion of visual hierarchy is the arrangement of things to emphasise their relative importance. Designers organise visual qualities, such as menu icons, so that users may rapidly comprehend the content. Designers utilise logical and purposeful placement of items to influence users’ perceptions and lead them to desired actions.

Why do you need hierarchy in a design?

In design, visual hierarchy is significant because it establishes the relevance and order of elements in a composition. It has an impact on how your audience views your content.

The header will be at the top of the design, in the largest font, with each subsequent piece sized according to relevance. The header aids the user in comprehending the flow and determining where to look first.

Because it’s up to the designer to construct the hierarchy so that the viewer doesn’t have to think about where to look first, visual hierarchy is a crucial concept to grasp. Their gaze is pulled to each element in the exact order in which it should be seen.

Visual hierarchy for web design:

Now you know why building a visual hierarchy in a web design is essential? Is it necessary to think about hierarchy when creating a website? Absolutely. It’s crucial now.

On the internet, people’s attention spans are short. You have approximately 5 seconds to capture someone’s attention, take them through an experience before they exit, and try a different outcome. It’s no different when you’re developing a website for a customer or your own. You’re building a website for a specific purpose, usually offering a company a product or service. It indicates that the website’s ultimate purpose is a purchase or, at the very least, the generation of warm leads.

Why is visual hierarchy important in Web design?

One of the essential parts of SEO effectiveness is site hierarchy, which should not disregard. You boost your chances of ranking higher on search engines by developing a proper site structure.

The fundamental objective of Google is to show relevant sites to its visitors, which means that a suitable site hierarchy must also represent a good user experience.

Your site’s navigation should have a visual hierarchy that makes it simple to access your information in just a few steps. Of course, you don’t want any content to be skipped, but consumers will become overwhelmed if there are too many dropdowns, buttons, and internal connections.

The routes to your site’s sections and information should be clear and straightforward. Consider a junction with three vs ten street options: simplicity makes for a better journey.

Basic Principles of visual hierarchy:

Hierarchy is a visual design theory that designers use to manipulate the following properties to indicate the importance of each page/contents:

7 Principles of Web Design Visual Hierarchy

Size – An element’s size impacts visibility; users are more likely to notice conspicuous items. The most effective technique to emphasise visual elements is to increase their size. Said, more prominent elements attract more attention than less prominent elements.

Colour – Brighter colours tend to draw more attention than duller ones. People’s attention can quickly be drawn to that single sentence or a block or text highlighted with bright colours.

Contrast – Colors that contrast dramatically is more eye-catching and attract more attention than primary colours. Contrasting colours can draw attention to specific elements more effectively than a spectrum with a softer scale.

Alignment – Out of alignment elements stand out more than those in alignment. The placement of an element is usually done with the use of a grid. In web design, using a grid for alignment is vital. Without a grid, your design would appear disorganised, making it harder for users to comprehend the material on your website.

Repetition – Recurring styles can indicate that the content is linked. The repetition of elements such as typefaces, colours, forms, and sizes throughout the composition clearly defines the visual hierarchy of any design. Repetition can occasionally be used to give a work new meaning.

Proximity – Closely spaced pieces appear to be linked. Related items are positioned closer in your design composition, whereas you should place unrelated items apart.

Whitespace – The eye is drawn to elements with more space surrounding them. It provides white space to establish a hierarchy among the design elements in a composition, making it easier to comprehend a design project. It also aids in creating an eye path for the viewer to follow the content concepts.

Texture and Style – The general arrangement or pattern of space, text and other elements on a page is referred to as “texture.” Textures with more depth stand out more than those with a flat appearance. Texture and style, like size and scale, can help focus the user’s attention on specific design elements.



To sum up, in designing a website, a visual hierarchy is a valuable asset. It enhances the user experience, aids in the establishment of simple navigation, and lets specific items take centre stage on your page for your benefit.

You can use classic golden ratio proportions on your page or raise the size of your clickable objects to make them stand out. You can employ gestalt principles to navigate your visitors or use a minimalistic design with lots of white space to keep it simple but obvious. Finally, you have the option to perform all of the above. Many web design service providers are available to ensure that your website looks beautiful and your internet visibility is enhanced. Whatever techniques your web design agency employ to establish a visual hierarchy, remember to maintain it balanced to minimise misunderstanding. You want to direct your users’ attention, and a visual hierarchy can help you.


Author Bio:

Misbah is a web content writer with a degree in mass media and journalism; she is passionate about writing different content related to technology and news. She is currently working in the software company “MaxxPace Solutions”. Maxxpace is a Web Design Agency providing web design services that focus on building websites that will help grow your business. MaxxPace also provides services related to marketing, including digital marketing and social media marketing. 


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