It is unbelievable how many types of pregnancy tests there are these days. I remember the first time I walked into a store wanting to buy a pregnancy test. I didn’t know which one I should pick. It was very frustrating. I also ended up buying one that was pretty much useless. If you need to buy a pregnancy test, trust me by reading this you will not just get a more accurate result, but you will save money.

 How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

All urine pregnancy tests look for the pregnancy hormone, HCG, in the urine. If it is found in your urine, the pregnancy test will turn positive. A positive result can be in the form of a plus sign, words like “yes or pregnant”, a color change, or two lines. Some pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others, meaning some will only turn positive if your HCG level has reached a certain level.

But, in simple terms. If your HCG level is below 5 miu/ml then you are not pregnant. If it is above 25 miu/ml then you are pregnant and if between 5 and 25 miu/ml, you may or may not be pregnant. What I mean by this is that you could be pregnant but you may be having a miscarriage. If you do get a positive urine pregnancy test, you should go to your ob/gyn and get a blood test done to make sure. You don’t need to do this, but it is better to be sure.

You take a urine pregnancy test by either peeing on it or dipping it into a cup filled with your urine. Some may come with a syringe and you would have to put a few drops of urine on the test. It is very easy to take.

The best time to take any pregnancy test is in the morning because it is the time when your urine would be the most concentrated. If you have any, it would be easier to find HCG in your system. Also read, can you become pregnant even after taking abortion pills?.

How to Choose a Pregnancy Test?

There are a few factors you need to keep in mind when choosing pregnancy tests. These factors are deal-breakers. I can tell you this from experience. Here they are.

●      Sensitivity

As mentioned before, pregnancy tests have different levels of sensitivity. If you are taking a pregnancy test before your period is due, then I recommend a highly sensitive pregnancy test.

You usually can find the sensitivity of the pregnancy test written on the box. Look for a sensitivity of 5 miu/ml or a pregnancy test that says it can detect pregnancy 6 days earlier from the menstrual cycle.

If you have missed your period, you would most likely get an accurate result on a pregnancy test with a sensitivity of 25miu/ml.

I recommend the first response pregnancy tests because they are the most sensitive pregnancy tests out there.

●      Pink-Dyed VS Blue-Dyed

Please, do not buy blue-dye pregnancy tests. They are known for evaporation lines. An evaporation line is a line that appears on the pregnancy test that makes the pregnancy test look positive. They appear when you wait too long to read the result of the pregnancy test. Usually, they are colorless or look grayish.

So many women have gotten evaporation lines on blue-dye tests, and they end up heartbroken when they find out they were never pregnant. Pink-dye tests have less evaporation lines. So, always choose a pink-dyed test.

●      Triple Check Pregnancy Tests

Trust me when I say this. It is best to buy triple-check pregnancy tests. These are tests that come as a pack. There would be three tests in the box. If you have taken a pregnancy test before, you would know that no one ever trusts the first test taken. A triple check pregnancy test will allow you to be confident with the result. The more confident you are with the result, the faster you can prepare for your baby if you are indeed pregnant. Also, some tests are faulty. So, you would have another two to make sure of the result. Also, you could watch the line progress by having three or more tests. It is actually addicting to watch the positive line get darker as your pregnancy progresses.

The Best Pregnancy Tests

Here are some of the best pregnancy tests.

●      First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

This is my favorite pregnancy test. It is highly sensitive. It could also come in a pack of three.

●      ClearBlue Digital Pregnancy Test

I like this one because the positive result shows as a symbol or a word. So, you do not need to worry about evaporation lines with this one.

●      Accumed Pregnancy Tests

I love these because they come in sets of 20, 50, or 100. You could literally take a pregnancy test every day and see the line get darker. They are also very cheap.


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