Did you also have a favorite doll as a child? A cuddly rag doll that was allowed to sleep with you in bed at night? Ragdolls have been among children’s favorite toys for generations. However,swagway x2 hoverboard many older dolls are also collected by adults – as rarities and special collector’s items. You can find out a lot of interesting facts about the popular toy here.

The history of the ragdoll

Archaeological excavations all over the world show that the dolls have been used by children and adults practically since the beginning of time. However, the ancient dolls from the Stone Age, just like the animal figures popular at the time, were made of animal bones, stones or clay.

Dolls made of wood, ivory, or wax have also been used over time. Unfortunately, these materials decompose over time, so we only know about them from tradition (documents, wall paintings). At that time, dolls by adults were also used for religious rituals.

Later, dolls were made within the family from the available material. Poor families, for example, carved wooden dolls that could be dressed in fabric remnants. Rich families as well as the nobility could afford expensive dollhouses and dolls made of expensive material.

Since about the 15th century, the first professional doll production made of fabric and wood began in England, France, and Germany. After the industrial revolution of the 19th century, mass production took place. As a result, the dolls were affordable for the first time even for less well-heeled families.

In France, the first fashion dolls with porcelain faces that wore fashionable clothes were created. Her body was made of leather stuffed with sawdust. Later, various other materials such as papier-mâché or the so-called biscuit (a kind of marble) were also experimented with.

Since the dolls are mainly made of plastic, the simple rag dolls have become obsolete, at least for older children. Because for infants and toddlers, the soft dolls are more ideal and cuddly.

Which rag dolls are there

For infants and toddlers, there are small cloth dolls, which are called nudge dolls, cloth dolls or grippers. They are practically only made of fabric with an implied head.

Hand and finger puppets are usually also made of fabric. In addition, there are various variants made of wool or felt, but also crochet and knitted dolls that do not require plastic or plastic. Also popular are the small worry dolls made of cuddly material, which make the children’s worries sound and disappear.

The larger rag dolls with soft filled bodies are also popular with older children. Such rag dolls are partly available as limb dolls, so that they can be moved better.

The most famous rag dolls are the Waldorf dolls. This term is protected by trademark law. A Waldorf doll is a rag doll that has a painted or embroidered face and expresses little facial expression. Also the limbs are rather hinted at and not elaborated in detail. This should give the children the opportunity to let their imagination run wild. Thanks to the restrained facial expressions, you can always interpret for yourself how the doll feels at the moment.

Rag dolls as a friend and caregiver

The children’s favorite dolls are the closest friends and confidants. The doll listens to every sorrow, is always there and does not reveal to anyone the secrets entrusted to it. Depending on the age of the child, the dolls also perform various other functions. They are comforters, sleep aids, play and conversation partners.

In addition, the doll friends give your child support in difficult situations. For example, during the first visit to the doctor or when traveling. They are protectors and provide security.

Rag dolls strengthen social behaviour

Children consider their favorite doll as interlocutors. With it, dialogues can be held and various everyday situations can be recreated in role plays. This allows your child to easily process their daily experiences.

Often the child slips into the role of the mother or father and the doll takes on the role of the child. In this way, the child also learns the rules that are taught to him by the parents. Because it passes them on to the doll in the game.

And at the same time, the doll is lovingly cared for. Because she is fed or driven for a walk, changed, bathed or wrapped and has to take a nap. With the help of the doll, the child learns to take responsibility and what care means. This strengthens social behaviour.

Famous rag dolls

There are many famous doll manufacturers who have been delighting children with their beautiful dolls for a very long time. Schildkröt, Götz and Steiff have achieved cult status among doll lovers. Old dolls of these brands are very valuable today and are often traded by the adults as collector’s items. best longboards surfboards this includes the Lenci dolls made of felt with their defiant facial expression and movable glass eyes. Many adults still own their very first doll from childhood.

Especially famous and popular are the handmade dolls by Käthe Kruse. She has made particularly natural dolls that are made of sand-filled fabric bodies and look almost like real toddlers or babies. Today, Käthe Kruse rag dolls are also sold under the brand, as well as Waldorf dolls and other soft dolls and cuddly dolls. Including, of course, rag dolls with hair. In addition, there are the dolls not only for girls, but there are also Waldorf dolls for boys or rag dolls for boys.


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