Aluminum alloy CNC processing, also known as computer gong processing or CNC machine tool processing, mainly aluminum parts, aluminum shells, and other processing aspects. Due to the rise of smartphones, computers, fast charging and charging bao, and new energy vehicle parts in recent years, the requirements for improving the processing accuracy of aluminum parts, but from the other side of the aluminum alloy, CNC machining technology leap in quality, to achieve mass and high-precision production of aluminum alloy. The following is a detailed discussion of the advantages of the CNC machining of aluminum alloy.

  1. 一. Aluminum alloy CNC machining principle:

The principle of Aluminum machining services is to use the automatic control system to install digital program flow command control CNC machine tool bearing automatic start and stop, reversing and speed change can select CNC blade and according to the CNC blade to change the amount of cutting and walking trajectory to complete the life machining of various auxiliary action required.

  1. 二. The advantages of aluminum CNC machining:

 Aluminium CNC machining can reduce the total number of tooling in large quantities, the production of complex processing style of parts, only need to change the processing procedure flow.

② Aluminium CNC machining can reduce the total number of tooling in large quantities, the production of complex processing style of parts, only need to change the processing procedure flow. G is relatively stable and will not let the human processing deviation, resulting in each aluminum alloy is not the same or even defective products.

③ CNC machining of aluminum alloy can produce complex aluminum parts and even processing parts. It can also produce a variety of varieties, high production efficiency, save labor costs, and achieve a variety of production simultaneously.

Current situation and problems of the aluminum machining industry

Although the development of the aluminum machining industry has been good in recent years, there are still many problems. Here we will understand those problems faced by the aluminum machining industry.

  1. The waste aluminum recycling system is not perfect

The way and technology of recycling waste aluminum are backward. The scale of recycling aluminum enterprises is small, and the output is low, accounting for less than 20% of primary aluminum output. In comparison, the industrially developed countries are as high as more than 40% and embarked on the track of circular economic development.

  1. The technical equipment level of aluminum casting is low

Aluminum casting enterprises are small in scale, scattered in production and management, not advanced in production technology, few varieties, and have not formed a complete cast aluminum alloy system and heat treatment state system. High-quality aluminum alloy castings and die castings still can not meet the needs of the high-speed development of the automobile industry and the national economy.

  1. Low concentration of aluminum machining industry

Although there are many aluminum machining enterprises, the production concentration is low, the scale is small, the low-level repeated construction is much, and the management is scattered. Except for several large enterprises such as Chinalco, no high-level modern large aluminum group has been formed.

After years of macro-control and sharp market competition, our country’s aluminum machining enterprises from the more than 2000 the 1990 s to the 1400 or so (including more than 780 aluminum extrusion factories, aluminum foil factories, 650). Still, the large and medium-sized enterprises are less than 20%. The backward small businesses account for more than 80% of the average aluminum machining enterprises, Only about 2.5 tons/year (southwest Aluminum with the largest capacity is 800,000 tons/year). 

  1. The product variety is few, and the low quality

Deformation of aluminum and aluminum alloy in our country has not yet formed a complete system of independent alloy and state the number of less, high quality and special-purpose products, such as high performance large pre-stretching board, can use, high-grade CTP plate and advanced decorating plate, mirror plate, and cover the pedal, high voltage capacitor foil, aluminum car body, large special shaped materials, large precision die forgings and high-grade forging Make wheel Yi, piston and so on cannot mass produce; General medium and low-grade products are overproduced, while high-grade products with high scientific and technological content and high added value are in short supply, which cannot meet the modernization of national defense and the rapid and sustained development of the national economy. Therefore, it is necessary to spend a large amount of foreign exchange on imports.


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