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In this guide you will find out what  sports trading is , what are the main features, its advantages, how much you can earn with  sports trading , what are the best strategies to be successful and which are the best platforms for  sports trading  to use . .

Below you will find a table in which the main characteristics of the best platforms for sports trading have been compared , what is our evaluation and the link to the official website.

What is sports trading

Associating the word trading with sport seems an impossible thing, but for some years now also in Italy this has been possible at least in relation to some sporting event. For a long time there has been betting on sporting events through which bettors can predict and bet on the outcome of a match.

If you are a few years older you will remember that once there was only the Totocalcio , while then the Scommesse have been introduced with which you can savor the taste of the typically American situations that you have seen in so many films, in which you contact your trusted bookmaker for try to win a small fortune.

The decision on which to bet depends on the price , which in turn depends on the result that seems most likely according to the results achieved by the contenders in previous matches and the news concerning the opponents.

When deciding how to bet, it is often also based on the feeling we have for one team or player rather than another. The main feature of betting is that when you decide who to place your money on you can no longer change this decision.

Sports trading is based on these bets and on the odds that are given, but the odds can then be sold during the match, at which time bets can still be placed and which, depending on the progress of the match, may have different odds. from the initial ones.

You can, therefore, buy and sell the bets made by following the trend of these odds. In fact they are called that, just like those of stocks or currencies or indices or commodities.

It may be that the very use of the same term inspired this idea that originated in the homeland of betting around 2000: England .

With the change in prices, we wanted to give the possibility to change your stake or exit the bet by selling it to someone else who wants to buy it. Platforms, similar to those of financial trading, come to life through which supply and demand meet.

How sports trading works

Sports trading proper arises from the possibility of changing quotes during the course of the match : the partial result, any injuries of the players or the simple way in which the opponents play.

From this you immediately understand that the variability of the quotations and the temporal space of the trading last the same space of the match or rather, much less, since at a certain point the bets will be declared closed.

To better understand with an example let’s say that there is the match ” Sampdoria – Genoa ” and the price before the match is 3.00: 1.00. You bet € 100 on Genoa as a starting point. So you could collect € 300 in case of winning Genoa, while in case of winning Sampdoria you would lose everything.

Let’s say that during the match Genoa signs: at that point the statistics of the match would be reversed and the price would probably drop 2: 00: 1.00, let’s say for simplicity.

At this point, take care that we are not obliged, but we can get rid of our stake and exit the game by cashing out the difference, since for the same hope of winning € 300 now it takes more than € 100 and therefore we can transform the uncertain in certain and quit the game.

We can then decide to return if the price rises or immediately move on to bet on Sampdoria thinking that it will then equalize. And we can also keep our initial stake until the end.

The thing that catches the eye is that the prices change constantly and you can play a trading game similar to the financial one which, however, has an extremely short time to be able to do it compared to normal trading times.

All this leads to an increase in the excitement of trading and the adrenaline that passes through the body, on the one hand, while on the other it implies that to be able to do so it is necessary to be available exactly in that period of time: at other times you would not have sense.

Together with the events that accompany it, even trading becomes an event trading and from this reasoning it makes sense the temporal distribution in several times and in several days, for example of the football championship, since it is of course necessary to follow the matches in order to understand the movement of the quotations and get an idea that it can be with a minimum of reasoning.

Sports trading is a great way to combine your sporting passions with a possibility of earning but, at the same time, it is not possible, at least not logically, to go into this field of sale if you do not have a strong interest in the matches object of the negotiation. .

In Italy for now it is possible to trade on football and tennis , while abroad there are platforms that also deal with horse racing and basketball. To stand operationally, the system must have a sufficiently large audience of people participating in the negotiations in order to create movement.

In fact, it is also the same trading that stimulates the prices in one direction or another since it becomes a signal of how the fans think the game will end and, as in any other market, supply and demand change the value of the asset. .

A very important feature of sports trading is that the trade is done with another bettor who thinks he will make a profit by going against your prediction . The key to being able to complete the operation is to find a counterparty.

Unlike what happens in the world of financial trading where there are brokers who internalize purchases and then turn to a wider market to finalize their transactions and profit on the difference, here there is no such possibility also due to time. limited and, consequently, there must be a sufficiently large number of sports traders on the platform we rely on.

You can do all this operation only by relying on a market supplier who should also have the characteristic of making the exchange simple and quick .

The crowding of the platform is essential, as well as to easily find a counterpart, also to have a greater fluctuation on the prices themselves, since the more supply and demand there is, the more they move to find their balance point.

Sports trading is a trading activity that resembles financial trading for the part of operation between supply and demand and in part for some strategies that can be applied, while from the other it differs in an important way.

Charts, lines, study of market trends and similar dynamics are not useful: the only thing that matters is the knowledge of the same sport and the attention and intuition to use one’s knowledge.

What are the advantages and how much can you earn with sports trading

Sports trading is a world full of emotions and this is certainly an advantage for those who want to face this world in a more goliardic way than that of financial trading and even less serious, at first glance.

In reality, this sector can move a lot of capital in a short time and generate infinite earning possibilities in the few moments in which the game takes place. This also depends on the interest aroused by the match and the possibility of having different evaluations in the different scenarios that can be outlined during the match.

The general rule is that the more the match is fought , full of emotions and possibly action, the more it becomes a source of earning possibilities . It is actually possible to combine a leisure activity with a gainful activity and during the same period of time.

It provides a good excuse to have to follow the sporting event and maybe even to involve even less interested people in the vision with the intention of making some money. However, it is not enough to watch the game. You need to get an idea before the meeting to evaluate how the starting odds were built .

You have to dig deeper into the stats of your opponents’ previous matches, both with each other and with other teams to be able to predict how much impact the first goal can have. In Italy, to all intents and purposes, to have a liquid market and maximize the potential of trading, you need to focus on football .

After talking about the advantages of being able to invest in what is everyone’s passion, let’s think about the financial advantages that can be there.

How much you can earn depends, as in any other situation, on how much you have invested and your propensity for risk and also on how much you want to do seriously and how much sports trading only wants to be a complement to watching the game.

If you give up all your desire to follow your favorite team and put yourself in front of the platform during the match by evaluating the most favorable odds not to the win in itself, but to the possibility of undergoing a change of evaluation at the first goal on the field and operating over multiple games and not just one, you build a sort of portfolio you are investing in .

You can treat it like any other mix of investments and plan actions on them when certain events occur. One of the great advantages of this activity is that in no time you will know what the result of your choices is . If you avoid being guided by the heart of a fan and divide your capital wisely, you can achieve good results without having to wait for the end of the match.

From the point of view of commissions, an advantage that should not be overlooked is that for which the percentage of expenses is charged only in the event of a win, while in the event of a loss there are no additional costs.

What types of sports trading exist

You’ve got an idea so far of the betting exchange , which is the system that allows you to trade on the result of a match, we can say both in the long position and in the short position, that is, both thinking that one wins and the other wins.

In this world the long position is to bet , while the short position is to bank , as it acts as a bookmaker, as a dealer. And this operation can be repeated indefinitely until the bets are closed.

If you are not inclined to stay focused on trading during match hours or if you want to have access to a system that more closely links the sports world with the financial one, you can think about considering CFDs on company shares. sports so you can interact with both worlds.

This will not be completely foreign to the world of matches, in the sense that the share price also depends on the sporting results achieved by the company, even if the evaluations are longer term than the single match.

However, you have the advantage of being able to use the levers made available by CFDs and have more time available to implement strategies which also implies the possibility of trading on the stock at any time.


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