Love your music? Or just want to use your Klipsch R-12SW subwoofer all-digital amplifier to drown out the noise?

I’ll be honest; sometimes, I play my favorite tunes just because my teenage boys are practicing their drums and tuba. Don’t tell them I said this, but they need a lot of practice.

This is what I let them do and sit through patiently—well, most days because I love music.

But to be honest, I don’t care where you stand on the spectrum of music lovers. The bottom line is you need to have great bass. And I am going to share a little secret I picked up from the speaker experts at Speakers Daily, who, by the way, know their speakers and share the best speaker reviews. The trick to a great experience is having great bass.

The Secret To Great Sound

The key to outstanding bass is to ensure that your subwoofers and your amp are correctly balanced and will operate together.

And this post will show you how to do exactly that — match the two, that is, the amplifiers and subwoofers.

Tricky Or Just Tech-Savvy?

Choosing the correct sub for an amp or even the right amp for a sub is a problem.

The impedance, which is measured in the unit ohms of a subwoofer, represents the “load” that an amplifier will detect on its output.

Depending on the impedance load it “sees,” an amplifier will produce a variable amount of power (watts RMS).

So here is what I am going to help you with today.

Let us go over the basics quickly.

Basics Of The System

First, you should know that subwoofers are available in the single voice coil, that is one set of terminals, and dual voice coil (DVC) variants, which have two sets of terminals.

The dual voice coil subwoofers provide more wiring possibilities than single voice coil subs, so that is something you need to take note of.

Dual voice coil types are typically, but not always, designed for improved power handling and performance.

But by far, the most crucial consideration when selecting an amplifier is to select one with sufficient power for your subwoofers.

This you will need to pick. So, you choose which sort of amp to use once you’ve determined how much power you require.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Remember that most bass systems require either a mono (single-channel) or a 2-channel amp.

Great! Now, another thing we should know before continuing is that the amplifier’s capabilities, as in the X watts RMS into Y ohms, must match the specifications of the subwoofer.

Our focus is on the word ‘must’ here, guys!

Now let us look at the fundamentals of power-matching, impedance, and planning.

Finding The Best Subwoofers For Your System

So you have the amps but need subwoofers for your system?

If you have amplifiers in place and need subwoofers, it is pretty simple.

The subwoofers must be identical.

Multiple subwoofers that are linked together must have the same coil type and impedance.

If they aren’t, the power won’t be distributed properly, and some subs will likely be overpowered while others will be underpowered.

If you wish to run various subs in the same system, each type must have its amp.

The Right Amps For The Subs

So you already have your subs but need amps? Here is how you can begin your search.

This one requires a few basic calculations. First, you need to know what your amp is capable of? For this, you determine the RMS ratings of the amp at various loads.

Like determine the amp’s power in “watts RMS” at 4 ohms, 2 ohms, and, if possible, 1 ohm.

Like the L Audio JX250/1D is 250W RMS at 2 Ohms. Or the PRV AUDIO SQ6000X can be selected in 1 ohm or 2 ohms, depending on what you need.

Then you choose the power you want to acquire, which is how you know because the load impedance (ohms) of that rating will be the overall impedance of your subs.

The next step is to get the subs by dividing the number of subs you want by the power you choose.

This figure is the target RMS rating for each of the subs you’ll select.

If you are headed out to buy a completely new set of subwoofers, just make sure you choose a subwoofer that can handle both — (SVC or DVC) X-ohms, Y watts RMS)

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About The Author

David Borough is a sound technician and music enthusiast based in Wisconsin. He lives with his wife, two loud sons, and two dogs. It is hard for him to tell who can make more noise- his boys or his two dogs- which is why he finds solace in the speaker system that creates the perfect rhythm and bass.






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