Different sports require different levels of optimal arousal to achieve inspiring athletic performance. In American football, rugby, and weightlifting, you can imagine that the higher the arousal level, the greater the strength, aggressiveness, and power. In these types of sports, the goal is to overpower the opponent in order to achieve peak athletic performance. In other, more subtle sports such as archery, shooting, and gymnastics, high levels of anxiety can hinder rather than promote peak athletic performance. Under such conditions, it is necessary to reduce our level of arousal to a level appropriate for athletic success. Competitions are unique situations that increase the excitement of the event. Therefore, in all competitions, it is necessary to manage the athlete’s arousal level.

Increasing the level of excitement

1. listening to inspiring music

Music is an effective way to increase the arousal level and achieve inspiring athletic performance. Before the competition, you can listen to really inspiring music to raise your arousal level to an optimal level. Listening to Rocky soundtracks or similar music has a tremendous effect on the arousal level. However, be careful not to overdo it. Know your arousal limits and keep them there.

2. get excited through self-talk and team-talk.

Team talk and self-talk are also effective techniques for increasing arousal levels and improving stimulating Atlantic Sports Performance Training. Team talk is usually led by the coach or captain, who must be skilled at it to get the team in the mood before the game. Loud language, purposeful speech and aggressive gestures are often associated with a good rousing team talk. But the best ingredient for a good motivational team speech is actually sharing a common goal and feeling among teammates. This helps everyone feel united and passionate about the game. In individual sports, you can either do this yourself by talking to yourself, or more effectively, through another person close to you. The coach or parents often play this role.

3. visualization of powerful events

You can also use the visualization of powerful events to increase the tempo before your play to create inspiring athletic performances. For example, if you are a linebacker, you can visualize your best sack ever. Repeat the images over and over again so that your mind is flooded with strong feelings of excitement. Another form of visualization that can help you is imagining the successful end result of your game, taking in the celebratory atmosphere associated with victory.

Reducing the level of arousal

1. control breathing

When it is necessary to lower your arousal level, breathing control techniques can be helpful in achieving inspiring athletic performances. If you notice that your heart is beating too fast or you feel a tingling in your stomach, direct your attention to your breathing. Focus on breathing in and out slowly, paying attention to each breath. By slowing down one physiological response, your other anxiety responses will also slow down, resulting in a calmer person.

2. visualization of calming events

You can also use visualization of calming events to lower your arousal level for inspiring athletic performance. If you feel too excited before an athletic task, imagine a relaxing and calming environment. Perhaps picture yourself slow dancing or lying on the beach at your favorite resting spot. It may also help to temporarily close your eyes. It’s also a good idea to make a list of your favorite scenes so you can refer back to them when needed.

Arousal levels rise and fall depending on the situation. Most competitions increase arousal levels, which can be too unhealthy for inspiring athletic performance. The good thing is that there are ways to manipulate arousal levels. After all, arousal levels are physiological in nature. Like a disease that can be treated, arousal levels can be treated.


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