Did you just drop your Phone in a pool of water and now it’s completely dead? Don’t worry! Miami Phone Repair Shortcuts has the perfect solution for you. We offer a variety of short-term fixes to help you get your phone up and running again quickly. These quick fixes, if done correctly, will usually only take hours instead of days, which means waiting in lines is not necessary anymore. Instead of waiting in long lines at the Apple Store, you can have your phone repaired at home! Today I am here to teach you some of our simplest ways of fixing your Phone 4, 4s and 5.

We are going to cover two different fixes for a broken Phone 5: a cracked screen and water damage. The first one is a common repair that can be done in less than 30 minutes if your Phone is not badly damaged. The second one will take more time, but I promise it is still worth your while! Either way, all repairs come with a 6-month warranty.

Common Repair Steps

1.The first repair for a broken Phone 5 takes about 20-30 minutes and requires a new screen, the front camera, and home button. If your screen is cracked, then you will need to replace the front camera and home button as well.

2.The second fix will take up to 2 hours but require no special tools other than your hands. All you need is an iOpener or hair dryer to heat up the logic board. The iOpener is a tool that opens up your Phone so you can plug in the required cables for repairs. It comes with a heating pad that heats up the logic board so it can be removed from the case without breaking any other components in it. The hair dryer works similarly but just heats up the whole logic board and home button instead of heating up only one component.

3.For this guide, we will focus on the quickest and most cost-effective fix while also giving you all the manuals and details on how to do it. A good Phone Repairman won’t just tell you to wait in a long line, they will actually show you with pictures and details exactly what needs to be done. Once you read everything in this guide, I’m confident that you can save yourself a couple of hours at least by doing it yourself.

4.The next step is dismantling your Phone: remove the front panel, display panel, back cover, battery and SIM card tray.

Taking Care of Your Miami Phone Repair Has Never Been Easier

If you have an Phone and are looking for a nearby Miami phone repair shop, you’re in luck. There are plenty of great local stores that can help out with any type of problem with your phone. When it’s time to get your screen fixed or your battery replaced, here’s some information on the Miami Phone-repair shops near me.

You might have already seen this article on our blog and thought, “there’s no need for this. How hard is it to find an Phone Repair shop in Miami or anywhere else for that matter?” But just wait until you get your Phone back from the Apple store and realize what a mistake you’ve made. You see, those “experts” at Apple don’t really know how to fix phones the way a phone repair shop does. They just replace parts and hope that works.

We understand that you have some reservations about visiting an Phone Repair shop in Miami or anywhere else, but they are there to help, not hurt. Here is a list of the common myths about local Miami mobile phone repair shops and why they’re simply not true:

  1. They’ll charge much more than an Apple store: 

This one is just not true. An experienced local phone repair shop will know how to fix your Phone or any other smartphone faster, better and MUCH cheaper than the folks at the Apple store. In addition, they aren’t going to try to “upsell” you on a new battery or screen when what you really need is a screen protector for your new Phone 5S. The main reason for this price difference is that the techs at Apple are inexperienced and have no more training than anyone else who works there. It just so happens that this is the only type of work they do with Phones.

  1. They’re shady and you have to be afraid to leave your phone with them: 

Not true at all. If there’s one thing we’ve learned as a mobile phone repair store in Miami, it’s that most people don’t trust anyone with their phones or tablets anymore. They’re scared of having their data erased or worse by an unethical repair company.

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