Data is what stands between chaos and an objective understanding of success. So, if you had to choose, you would surely avoid chaos. That’s precisely why you need the training to make sense of data. And, career-wise, data analytics is like an undying art and a highly coveted skillset. If you have it, companies would want to hire you.

Data analytics is when art meets science, a unique and complex field. Now, how can this skill set boost your career? Data analytics is the fastest-growing field. It’s intrinsic to organizing data and helping companies make informed choices. So, companies seek data analysts to help them make better choices. So, if this appeals to you, then data analytics certification courses are what your career will need. 

Why Should You Go For Data Analytics Courses? 

Be it a python data science certification course or Business Analytics for Decision Making, here’s why you should go for the course. 

  • There has been a significant change in the Big Data industry with more jobs opening. The surge is due to companies implementing analytics which explains why they are looking for analysts. Let’s look at it this way – if you choose any data analytics certification courses, you will be the most coveted candidate in the industry. 
  • You can work in any sector you want. Data is what every industry needs and benefits from. And, for you, it will be a buffet of choices. You will be an invaluable asset in healthcare, finance, logistics, or even human resource. 
  • The best part about these certification courses is they give you precisely what you need, the cream of cream – from industry insights to expert advice. So, the crux of your doing the courses means you get better pay, more job opportunities, and new skill sets to add to your CV. So, a course like this would help you undergo a structured curriculum. 
  • You can be from any field and still do the course. So, let’s just say you are fresh out of college and looking to learn new things; you can take up a data science certification course to add some essential skillset early in your CV. 
  • You were now coming to the salary aspect of being a certified data analyst. Compare your offer letter to that of someone non-certified, and you will see the stark difference. According to Glassdoor, the average salary or compensation for data analysts in Dubai or UAE region ranges from AED 6,000 to AED 59,000. 

Stay on top of all the emerging industry trends with data analytics certification courses and expand your skill set as a working professional. 


  • Am I eligible for a data analytics course?

Yes, there are no pre-requisites to do this course.

  • How to know which course is the right one?

It depends on the kind of skill set you want to have. 

  • Will I earn more if I am certified?

Data speaks for itself so does desirability. You will earn more if you check all the boxes. 

With XCEED Data Science Bootcamp, you can become the type of professional that organizations need to make smarter, data-driven business decisions. Take advantage of a market-driven curriculum, enrol in the data science certification course  that’s designed to close the skills gap and gain an edge in a competitive, rapidly-growing job market.


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