Let’s make it short, if you want to go jet skiing in winter, it’s hard to avoid a trip abroad. The local climatic conditions, around the cold season, allow a jet ski operation only very difficult or not at all. In addition, abroad it is possible to escape the climatic conditions of the local winter.

In this article, 1/16 scale rc we present a few destinations that can be visited over the winter, when the urge to go jet skiing is so great that it is not possible to wait until the start of the next season.

It’s about Dubai, Hawaii and Mallorca – three destinations that couldn’t be more different. Each destination makes jet skiing special in its own way, although it must be explicitly stated that in terms of the financial component, Mallorca will come first for the majority of people when it comes to choosing the right destination country.

What to consider when jet skiing in winter

Before you take the trouble to travel abroad to rent a jet ski there – or your own jet ski is part of the party, it should be clarified what rules apply in the respective destination country with regard to jet skiing.


This saves time, money and nerves. Because nothing is more frustrating than a trip abroad, which is literally for the cat!

Some requirements are universally valid and it does not matter whether you want to get on a jet ski in the neighboring town or in the middle of Dubai.

For your own safety, jet skiers should be able to swim and generally be in good physical condition. Back pain or discomfort with the cardiovascular system requires prior clarification by the doctor before a ride on the jet ski is considered.

A valid driver’s license for jet skiing is highly recommended. There are ways to come into contact with the jet ski without the appearance, but experience has shown that the possession of the necessary document is an important criterion on which the various jet ski rentals at the respective destinations attach great importance.

If you want a jet ski, you should be of legal age – but at least 16 years old. People who have reached the age of 16 can get a jet ski in some places under certain conditions. As a rule, however, an adult person must be part of the party. In most cases, the providers require a supervisor to have a jet ski driver’s license.

#1: Dubai

When you think of Dubai, you inevitably think of jet skiing. In many places you can see pictures of the imposing attractions of the metropolis and jet skiers in the foreground. It is a feeling of freedom and lifestyle that you can rarely experience. In Dubai, there are numerous rental companies that specialize in the “Jetski” offer. The devices offered are in most cases of the latest blow when it comes to the technical components.

Beginner courses, the acquisition of the jet ski driver’s license and various group events are offered by most jet ski rentals in Dubai. If you do not have a driver’s license – and do not want to acquire it – you can experience the freedom of jet skiing as a passenger. Sightseeing on a jet ski is often very popular with tourists. So the holidaymakers can take the breathtaking photos themselves in front of the attractions of Dubai.

The good thing about Dubai is that it has much more to offer than jet skiing attractions. If you want to experience a holiday in a class of its own, you can book a desert safari in Dubai, for example. With such an activity, tourists come a big step closer to the unique nature of this area. If you like shopping, you can certainly discover one or the other great souvenir in the Dubai Mall – the largest shopping center in the world.

#2: Hawaii

Hawaii is another excellent place when it comes to escaping the cold of the Central European winter. Hawaii has a lot to offer tourists and jet skiers can also look forward to a wonderful time on the paradisiacal island. There are different ways to rent a jet ski.

Anyone who can then temporarily call such a watercraft their own while fulfilling the usual conditions has the opportunity to explore a breathtaking natural backdrop.

A visit to the world-famous Waikiki Beach can be recommended as well as the Alkaka State Park. This park is a unique place that has as its main attraction the approximately 135 meter high waterfall “Akaka Falls” to present to the world.

#3: Mallorca

Jet skiing can also be done on the Germans’ favourite island in winter.

Due to the slightly cooler water temperatures, a wetsuit is recommended, but due to the climatic conditions, an average of 15 to 20 degrees still prevails on the island. That’s why you don’t have to go to Dubai or even Hawaii to get the taste of winter jet skiing.

In Mallorca there are numerous possibilities to rent a jet ski or to take a course in which the basics of jet skiing are passed on to interested persons. Celebrity rentals such as “Jetexperience” or “Kiwi Mallorca” are the number 1 place to go when it comes to jet skiing in Mallorca.

In addition to jet skiing, holidaymakers on the island can, for example,best terrain rc cars take a gourmet tour through the numerous restaurants of the Iceland. If you don’t want to miss out on the fun in the water, you should visit one of the spas. There you can plan in the warm.


Even over the months of winter, which can take up more than a third of a whole year in this country, you do not necessarily have to do without the pleasures of jet skiing. A trip abroad can quickly turn the tide.

Dubai, Mallorca or Hawaii are popular destinations for jet ski friends from all over the world. Due to the temperatures, for example, it is more pleasant in Dubai in winter than in summer. Often the summer months are too warm for Europeans to have a pleasant holiday experience.

In Mallorca it is a pleasant 15 to 20 degrees warm in winter, it will be too cold for bathing in the sea, but with a wetsuit, for example, nothing stands in the way of a fun ride on the jet ski. The requirements (age of majority, certificate, etc.) must of course be met, otherwise the jet ski fun has come to an abrupt end.


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