Generally, square gaj is a popular unit of a plot area in Northern India. Individuals may need to convert their land from square feet to gaj to sell or buy a plot. Furthermore, lending institutions may also instruct their borrowers to describe a land area in square gaj while keeping the property as a mortgage. Individuals can utilise an online land conversion calculator to convert any plot area in this unit effortlessly.

Plot area conversion from square feet to gaj

Before converting the unit of a plot area, individuals must be aware of the relation of these units. Square foot is the F.P.S unit of a land area. 1 square foot is equivalent to 0.11111204 square gaj. So, to convert a plot from sq feet to gaj, individuals need to multiply the area size described in square feet with the fraction 0.11111204. For example, if a plot’s area is 1000 square feet, individuals need to multiply ‘1000’ with 0.11111204.

As 1000 x 0.11111204 = 111.11203580, one can express 1000 square feet plot as a piece of land having an area of 111.11203580 square gaj.

Similarly, individuals can also convert their land from square gaj to F.P.S counterpart by knowing 1 gaj in square feet. 1 square foot is equivalent to 8.91359 square gaj. So, in this circumstance, individuals need to multiply this fraction with the square gaj value. For example, a plot of 1000 square gaj will be equivalent to a piece of land with 8913.59 square feet, as 1000 x 8.91359 = 8913.59.

Individuals can convert this land area unit manually using pen and paper. However, as they have to multiply fractions, there is a significant chance of making mistakes. To avoid this error, one can use a land converter online.

Benefits of conversion calculators

Here are some of the major benefits for which individuals need to use this calculator instead of manual calculation:

  • Easy-to-use interface

The online calculator comes with a user-friendly interface. Using it, individuals can get square gaj results easily by entering its square feet counterpart.

  • Faster calculation

This type of calculator uses the same formula in computerised language. Consequently, individuals can transform the units quite faster by entering the inputs. In fact, it also reduces the chance of error.

  • Accurate result

Being computerized, these calculators generate the results without any error. Thus, Individuals can make the difficult task of lengthy calculations a lot easier.

Furthermore, individuals must know how they can use this virtual calculator.

Procedures to use online conversion calculator

Individuals can easily get this area conversion calculator online available on the websites of most lending institutions that provide financial products, such as loans against property and home loans. Following is the stepwise guidelines to use this calculator:

  • Find the concerned calculator from the official websites of lenders.
  • Select the input unit as ‘Square feet’ and the output unit as ‘Square Gaj’.
  • Write the plot area size in the input box.

This way, one can conveniently determine the land area in the square gaj unit by accessing the calculator from lenders’ websites. They provide these calculators to assist their prospective customers in their endeavour. Lending institutions may request intending borrowers to express the land size in this unit while mortgaging the plot for a loan against property. Before applying for this credit advance, individuals must know the required documents to apply for a loan against property.

A loan against property may be significantly beneficial for individuals as they can use the credit advance for any purpose. In addition, it does not have any restrictions on usage. However, there are several things individuals should consider before applying for a loan against property. These will make their financial decisions more prudent.

Furthermore, various financial institutions operating in India facilitate customers with pre-approved offers on products like home loans and loans against property, etc. Individuals need to enter their names and contact information to check their pre-approved offers. Individuals can expedite their loan application process by accepting this benefit. In conclusion, the online calculator helps accurately convert the land area from square feet to gaj. This way, they can inform lenders or their land buyers

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