A faithful dog looked at the breeder or in the shelter can hardly resist dog lovers. Why Are Chihuahuas So Aggressive?  the four-legged friend sits in the car faster than you could think. But before you decide to buy a dog, you should know what costs you will incur.

It’s all a question of cost

Dogs not only need a lot of care and attention – but dogs also cost money. How much, many potential dog owners are not aware. Because with food, leash and sleeping place it is not enough. The cost of a dog varies greatly and depends on the size, breed, age of an animal, and also the needs of the owner.

How much does a dog cost to buy?

The acquisition costs for dogs are very different: If you opt for a four-legged friend from the shelter, a nominal fee applies. Depending on the shelter, this is between 200 and 300 euros. If you contact a reputable breeder, the cost of a puppy is usually higher. They can be between 600 and 1,500 euros; with very rare dog breeds you have to dig even deeper into your pocket.

The basic equipment

The basic equipment includes everything a dog absolutely needs. These include:


  • Bowls for food and water: 15 to 60 euros
  • Collar or chest harness: 5 to 100 euros
  • Leash: 10 to 50 Euro
  • Dog basket: 30 to 150 Euro
  • Dog blanket: 10 to 100 Euros
  • Toys: 3 to 20 Euros
  • Fur brush or comb: 10 to 50 Euros

if necessary, winter clothing (for dogs with thin fur): 10 to 50 Euros

All amounts are approximate because the cost of these accessories depends on the quality, size, and design.

How much does a dog cost per month?

When it comes to the cost of a dog, many think primarily of the food. Dry food, wet food, fresh meat – there are big differences in food, depending on which type of feeding and feed quality you choose, and how big your four-legged friend and his appetite is. Basically, you should plan at least 25 to 50 euros for the monthly feed requirement. In addition, a few euros can come for treats or chewing bones.


Maintenance costs for dogs: veterinarian costs

The veterinarian costs of a dog per month can not be quantified as a lump sum. This is very individual and also depends on whether acute or chronic diseases occur, which is usually not foreseeable before purchase. The following costs are incurred regularly:


  • Deworming once a year: about 25 to 50 euros
  • Vaccinations per year: about 35 to 60 euros
  • General examination once a year: about 30 to 50 euros

For special examinations such as blood tests, X-rays, ultrasound or operations, veterinary practices charge amounts from 100 euros upwards. If you are considering taking out health insurance for your dog, you have to plan between 10 and 50 euros per month. The cost of insurance depends on your dog’s chosen rate, age, breed, and illnesses.

Additional costs for one dog per year: dog tax and liability insurance

The dog tax is mandatory, but a liability insurance is not. The amount of the dog tax is determined by the municipalities: it is usually between 25 and 160 euros per year. rat terrier dental care owners of so-called list dogs such as Rottweilers or American Pit Bull Terriers have to expect a higher dog tax in some federal states.

Dogs can cause serious property damage or personal injury. It therefore makes sense to take out liability insurance. It usually costs between 50 and 80 euros a year.

Conclusion: How much do dogs cost?

The mentioned costs are only intended to serve you as an orientation. Every dog and every owner has different demands. There are no upper limits when it comes to the costs of equipment, food and health care. Even in the case of a chronic disease of the animal, the costs for regular veterinary care quickly rise. You should be aware of this before buying an animal.


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