Let’s say that you already have a handful of long-term and low-risk investments in your portfolio and you are now ready to delve into the colorful and challenging world of high-risk investments. If so, you are in the right place. Today, we will discuss some of the more popular investment options for high-risk takers out there.

In the advent of the boom of the Internet, many types of investments have become prominent and sought-after. If you are interested in learning more about these types of investments, keep on reading. Here are some of them:

Start-Up Companies

Many early investors of now tech giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and SpaceXwere some of the luckiest people on earth. When these companies were in their infancy stages, many people doubted if they will make it someday; however, some people have the right instincts and invest their money into their operations. And after a few years, their instincts were proven to be right because these companies have not only become successful but very profitable too. However, this does not mean if you invest your money in start-ups, you will be a billionaire soon. There are many start-ups that have failed like Theranos. So if you wish to invest in start-ups, make sure to review and understand their business model, their plans, and the numbers.

Crypto Assets

If some years ago nobody took cryptocurrency seriously, it is a different story these days. When crypto has been reported in the mainstream media, many were doubtful and naysayers; that’s totally understandable during that time because almost nobody understand how it works. Fast forward to today, almost any young person who is on the Internet have at least the slightest idea about it. There are many success stories of early crypto asset investors, raking in millions of dollars from investing and trading assets. If you want to start, now is the best time because there many resources you can read and watch to understand how it works. However, this is also a high-risk investment type as the value of crypto is as volatile as it could ever be.


Another type of investment that has enjoyed steady popularity and growth in the past several years is foreign exchange or forex. While this type is nothing new it has become more prominent thanks to the Internet. Trading forex is extremely easy because of the various platforms and websites that offer such services. This type of investment requires you to monitor the foreign exchange trends on a daily basis. Aside from being time consuming, it is also unpredictable and volatile. However, once you learn and master the trends, you can profit a lot from it. If you are curious to know how it works, there are countless of resources you can find online.

These are just three of the more popular high-risk investment types you might want to consider. If you are interested in more options, you may want to research on non-fungible token (NFT), exchange trade fund (ETF), real estate-based securities, and private company investments.

Every high-profile investor needs to be supported by someone who has the experience and knowledge about how markets work. This is why it is important to work with an investment manager like Karl Lubieneki. For years, he has handled a variety of investment portfolios across the globe. He is well-known for having a background in commercial management and financial trading. In case you need someone who will guide you through your high-risk investment journey, you may want to choose managers like Karl Lubieneki who has the experience and valuable know-how in the industry.

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