Are you looking for renovation ideas to increase the value of your home? Then decorative concrete driveways, available in exciting patterns and colors, are the best choice Laross Son.

Laross Son

A concrete driveway is an ideal alternative to asphalt paving. However, just like asphalt, a plain concrete driveway is not exactly eye-catching.

A concrete driveway is usually gray, while an asphalt driveway is often black. If you want to get away from these plain colors, you can use decorative concrete driveways.

A decorative pavement can be painted, stained, textured or have an intricate pattern. Like any concrete driveway, this finish is very durable and cost effective. With a decorative driveway, you can enhance the curb appeal of your home while increasing its potential market value.

For a good decorative concrete driveway, you need a good plan. You need to understand what the project entails so you have an idea of what to expect. Below are some frequently asked questions about decorative concrete driveways that will help you better understand this type of paving:

What is a decorative concrete driveway? It is a specialized process in which an experienced paving contractor pours specially mixed, colored concrete and finishes it with molds and/or tools that give the concrete a textured appearance. The look can be almost anything from slate to cobblestone to pebble. The advantages of this paving method include exceptional strength, weather resistance, adaptability to any shape, and longer life compared to traditional materials.

What is the cost of a decorative concrete driveway? Decorative concrete is a truly affordable alternative to pavers, stone, slate or brick. For a price that is slightly higher than regular concrete, you can experience the beauty and benefits of a decorative concrete driveway. Combined with the advantages concrete offers over other paving materials, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Are decorative concrete driveways difficult to maintain? No, they are not difficult to maintain, provided you wash off all debris as soon as possible. After the trained pavers leave your home, your driveway is almost maintenance-free. Occasional sweeping and washing is all you need to keep your driveway looking nice. To maintain the original luster of your driveway, it is recommended that you apply a protective sealer to the concrete every three to four years. Your paving contractor should provide you with the necessary maintenance and care instructions for your decorative concrete driveway.

How do I find the right contractor to pave my driveway? You can look online or in local directories, or ask people you trust for recommendations. Alternatively, you can look at decorative concrete driveways in your neighborhood and get the names of the paving contractors who installed the driveways you like best. Ask homeowners about their experience with each company and the quality of their work. You can also ask for references from friends, builders or local precast concrete suppliers.

After you have compiled a list of paving companies, you can contact each one and ask them for references. Have them give you a list of projects they have done in your area so you can check them out. Also ask the pavers how long they have been in business, if they have insurance, if they have a professional license, and if they offer a warranty for their work.

Should I seal my driveway? You need to apply a quality sealer to your driveway because the sealer helps protect the concrete from moisture absorption, grease and oil stains, and chemical exposure. For decorative colored concrete, the sealer will also help enhance the color. Regardless of which sealer you use, be sure to apply it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

What happens if the color of the finished project doesn’t meet expectations? It’s somewhat unrealistic to expect your paving contractor to match the color of your driveway exactly to a sample on the showroom floor, the decorative concrete driveway at your neighbor’s house, or a picture from a brochure. Even untreated concrete can have color variations, especially if the project requires more than a single load of concrete or if the concrete is placed on different days. Most of these variations are negligible and usually fade over time.

How should I choose the pattern of my driveway in relation to the exterior design of my home? The pavers will work with you to assess the look and style of your home, such as whether it is rustic, traditional, or perhaps a mix of both. The pavers will also figure out what you want to achieve with your home’s surroundings. Then, they will match colors from different areas to make the space flow together cellular shades.


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