Criminal charges are tough to handle as it causes tremendous face loss and involves financial drainage entangling you in the criminal procedures. If you have committed any crime, you have to undergo the punishment; that the law provides. But if someone had wilfully filed a false criminal case against you, fight for your right and claim justice. Nonetheless, your criminal defence lawyer is the only person who can act as your best friend when you are in a sticky situation.

The primary activity of your defence lawyer is to represent you before the honourable Court and protect your rights. They use their legal expertise and vast knowledge of criminal laws to ensure that you get a fair chance in the criminal justice system. Hence, once you understand the importance of having a criminal defence advocate in your case, look out for the following thing before hiring them:

  • Good Reputation– A lawyer; proficient in criminal defence can be the best choice for defending your case. So, select the professionals who are genuine and famous for their experience. Ask your friends and family for referrals. You can also search online and choose your criminal defence lawyer.
  • Quick Response– A highly professional person always values his work; hence, the best criminal defence lawyer will not keep you waiting for long. They will be eager to provide you relief from the complex criminal procedures. So, choose wisely.
  • Pleasant Behaviour– Opt for a lawyer with whom you can be comfortable. Clearly express everything you know regarding your case and do not hide anything from your lawyer because that might harm your case. 
  • Experience– An advocate who has years of practice in criminal justice is adept at handling criminal cases. They know the correct tactics to cross-examine the witness and argue in your favour so that the prosecution cannot prove the charges they brought against you. Get in touch with the top lawyers in India to enhance your chances of winning the legal battle.



  • What is meant by the defence of double jeopardy?

When a person accused of committing a crime; is found to have undergone punishment for the same crime before, no charges can be framed against them for the same offence. This defence is known as the defence of double jeopardy. It is a good defence available to the accused person to avoid punishment for the second time. 

  • Police have sent me a notice under section 41A CRPC; should I appear before them or visit my lawyer?

You should definitely visit your lawyer but, first, appear before the police. If you fail to appear, they might arrest you.

  • What is the approximate charge of hiring a criminal defence lawyer?

The charge of hiring a criminal defence lawyer varies according to the circumstance of each case. Ask your lawyer for better clarification.



The top lawyers in India practising criminal defence will fight your criminal matter based on the best version of the truth. They will work hard to derive strong evidence to ensure that their client gets the final victory. 


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