Commerce Online Classes has turned out to be the most favourable way of studying during the current pandemic time. The Vidya Setu has turned out to be the best portal of class 12th commerce online classes. After joining the best commerce online classes, students figured out the best way to stay productive.

The students who are interested in financial, managerial, and entrepreneurial jobs choose commerce. The subjects taught in the commerce stream are Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics.

Business studies imbibe managerial skills in the students, whereas accountancy teaches the accounting principles and financial knowledge of the business. Students often do CA or CFA if interested in accountancy. Economics teaches students about the economy both as a whole and individually.

The students can grasp a lot of knowledge through Vidya Setu class 12 online Commerce Coaching and class 12 commerce video lectures, which are absolutely free of cost.

Preparation Tips for Online Classes for Class 12

To practice education properly through commerce online classes, students must know ways and means on how to take an online class and practice the knowledge on a regular basis. Below are some of the ways which can help for better performance.

Treat Your Online Class Like a Real Offline Class-

Many of the students have become lazy as they believe online classes are a waste of time. Students can work well even during online classes if they work at full concentration. Just like Vidya Setu CBSE online class 12 commerce classes provides every student a free space where they can practice and work.

Be Accountable in Your Class 12 Online Class

Taking things for granted has become a culture for the millennial generation. Although this is not an advisable practice for students. Make a to-do list for all your work and keep yourself accountable. Vidya Setu keeps the students accountable for their regular attendance in online classes for 12th commerce CBSE.

Eliminate Distractions While Studying for Online Classes for Commerce

Online classes are advantages to students as it eliminates distraction while studying. Studies can be done with complete concentration and focus since there’s nobody around to disturb them as online classes are taken individually. Vidya Setu’s Commerce classes are distraction-free and provide HD quality videos with crystal clear sound.

Interact with Teachers in Class 12 Video Lecture

Experienced teachers provide most of the online classes, hence students should take this opportunity and interact with teachers as much as they can. The teachers can provide direction to directionless students and at the same time can provide opportunities for the students. Vidya Setu’s teachers have experience and expertise in their specific subjects and are available to the students whenever needed.

Practice Time Management While Attending The Classes

Students who will give their class 12th board exams need to master time management. The students should know how to complete their paper on time and at the same time complete the revision on time. The Vidya Setu provides mock test papers to judge student’s preparation.

The class 12th board exam is just around the corner and students must now be smart enough to have all the required study material and resources with them as they move towards completing the syllabus. Vidya Setu provides all the required resources to the students such as syllabus, timetable, NCERT books, notes, and solutions as well as sample papers and mock test papers.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Even the most difficult skill can be mastered with practice. Students can find chapter-wise class 12 important questions for every subject at Vidya Setu which students can solve regularly and during revision.

The tips are helpful while studying from Commerce online classes for class 12. As seen above Vidya Setu helps students in building a focused decorum in-house. Moreover, they also help students by providing online classes for 12th commerce for free and other study material such as syllabus, timetable, NCERT books, notes, and solutions as well as sample papers and mock test papers.

Vidya Setu – Commerce Online classes

The Vidya Setu’s commerce online classes are leading video lectures available on the internet. The faculty has immense experience and is helpful to the students. The Vidya Setu online classes are commendable and are trusted by the 12th graders.

Vidya Setu lectures are interactive so that students remain interested in the lectures instead of getting bored. The classes provided are immensely informative and in HD quality with a crystal clear view.

The problem solving is available 24*7 to the students, they can easily ask the question in the comment section under the video lectures .

Vidya setu is tested and recommended by 3500+ students and provides around 200+Video Lectures on Accountancy, Business studies, and economics.


We Hope with this article you can find the best commerce online classes to study from. Commerce is a difficult stream and introduces entirely new subjects to the students. With the closure of schools and colleges, Vidya Setu has become a leading portal for students looking for free and quality education. Students can easily find the lectures listed on their official website. Students can also visit the Vidya setu official YouTube Channel without a subscription.


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