ICAI CA Foundation Mock Test Papers: Candidates, are you searching for CA Foundation May 2022 mock test papers then you are landed on the right article. CA foundation is the first exam for pursuing a Chartered Accountant Course.

If you are worried or nervous about your examination or still get confused about how to crack the CA Foundation exam or to prepare for CA rank but not sure you can rank. If the same thing is running on your mind then don’t be worried we are providing you CA Foundation Mock Test Papers or Revision Test Papers by solving these papers you build confidence. There is no need to buy CA Foundation MTP, and you can download CA Foundation mock test papers PDF here instantly. CA foundation MTP will help you score marks in your CA foundation results in your May 2022 exams so solve it before your exams.

Read the below article for more information about mock test papers of CA Foundation.

Download ICAI CA Foundation Mock Test Papers(MTP) And Revision Test Papers

In recent years, ICAI has made some changes in the CA Foundation Course and made it tough as before CPT. So candidates need to work hard to pass the CA Foundation Exam. In this course, there are four papers in that two papers are subjective, and the other 2 are objective. In objective papers, there is negative marking for any wrong answer.

The mock test papers of CA Foundation are as follows:

1 Paper: Principles and Practice of Accounting

2 Paper: Business Laws and Business Correspondence

  1. a) Business Laws
  2. b) Business Correspondence and Reporting

3 Paper: Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics

  1. a) Business Mathematics
  2. b) Logical Reasoning
  3. c) Statistics

4 Paper: Business Economics and Business & Commercial Knowledge

  1. a) Business Economics
  2. b) Business and Commercial Knowledge

Detailed Information About CA Foundation MTP Subjects

Paper 1: Principles and Practice of Accounting

Accounting is a subjective type of paper, and in Accounting, candidates can learn about economic entities such as businesses and corporations.

As we all know, accounting is known as “language of business”, and it helps to measure the economic activities of an organization and transfer this information to regulators, creditors, management and investors. Accounting made a comfortable life for a businessman. It helps them to measure the profit and loss in business and check the revenue in business.

However, this is a subjective type of paper, and the level of question is difficult in the examination. Give the maximum time to these subjects in your 4-month study leave. After completion of course, gives a quick revision and solve CA Foundation accounts mock test papers. It is going to help you in exams.

Paper 2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence

Business laws is also a subjective type question paper, and in-laws subject, candidates learn about various corporate laws. There are various laws made for the organization or company.

In Business Correspondence, each information is exchange in written format, and it takes place within an organization or between the organization and the customers. Most straightforwardly, It is the written communication between persons. Business correspondence is not oral or Face to Face Communication. It is the process of business Activities.

Paper 3: Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics

This paper is an objective type paper, and students should note here that in Paper 3, there is negative marking. If you tick on the wrong answer your ¼ th mark will be deducted.

Commercial Enterprises takes use of Business mathematics to record every business operations, and they are using Mathematics for financial analysis, sales forecasting, accounting, marketing or inventory management.

There are two kinds of logical reasoning: induction and abduction. Induction is for supporting a determination of the rule and abduction is an inference to the best explanation.

Statistics concerns the presentation of data, analysis, collection, interpretation and organization. In Statistics, you learn about Statistical Description of Data, dispersion, central tendency, Probability, correlation, index number and Time series. Statistics is a favourite subject of students, and it’s easy to score.

Paper 4: Business Economics and Business & Commercial Knowledge

Paper 4 is an objective type of paper, and here candidates learn about Business Economics and Commercial Knowledge.

To analyze business enterprises, business economics uses economic theory and quantitive methods. Business economics is a medium providing practical knowledge to people who apply for the job. Paper 4 is not an easy exam many students failed in business economics. Candidate should study thoroughly for this paper.

Benefits of Solving of CA Foundation Mock Test Papers before Examination

You have only four months, and in four-month, you have to complete the course and take a quick revision. Most of the students failed in CA Foundation exams because of lack of proper guidance, after completion of syllabus students only revise does not give CA Foundation MTP, here they have made a big mistake.

If you want to crack the exams with rank, then you must make a plan for completing the syllabus and also make a plan for revision. Don’t take enough time in the revision, after quick review starts preparing for Mock-test paper of CA Foundation and Revision test paper. Following are the points of Benefits of ICAI CA Foundation mock test papers 2022:

  1. Mock-test paper for CA Foundation bring confidence before the examination.
  2. Mock test helps you identify where you are making mistakes.
  3. It Removes stress control during the exams.
  4. CA Foundation MTP helps you to score good marks in exams.
  5. Solving mock-test paper for CA Foundation helps you to complete the paper on time and don’t leave a single question.

The above information is about the CA Foundation mock test papers. Students who want to score good marks in CA Foundation exams then students should solve mock-test paper of CA Foundation. CA Foundation Mock test papers are the best way to improve their speed, knowledge, and attempts of questions.

We hope the above information is helpful for you.


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