Have you always wanted to make your passion your livelihood? Buy and sell mini-bikes wholesale for a lot of money and still find time to enjoy the ride? What child does not long for the speed of a machine? Visions of breathtaking hill climbs and rapid jumps on the table dance in their heads. Give a child the freedom and independence of their own Zize Bikes and watch their self-esteem soar!

Bikes for big people
Bikes for big people

Where do I start, you ask? How much money will I have to invest? How can I be sure I’ll make a profit? Wow, one question after another. Read on to find the answers to all your questions, right here, right now.

1) You need to find a supplier. Can you look for one in the Yellow Pages? Probably not. Can you do an internet search? Sure. If you have a lot of time. And how do you know if someone is reputable? You don’t. And in these tough economic times, no one can afford to send someone money and get nothing in return. But I have this search for you, and I know where to go to get good business. And I will show you how.

2) Anyone can learn to sell profitably if the motivation is there. And you have it. And that is the reason you are reading this. Your financial investment can be big or small. Start at your own comfort level. I have the information you are looking for regarding your investment.

3) It is entirely up to you whether you make a profit. Many people make their living from E-bay. If you are not familiar with E-bay, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with it. Many people will try to charge money for this information, but I have it here for you, for free.

Now you have the means to start your future. Buying wholesale mini bikes and selling them for profit will provide you with the income you earn that way.

Most people think that bike fitting is a difficult and mysterious matter. When fitting a bike, you need to consider performance and comfort, riding stability, rapid acceleration and speed. Bike fitting systems that use charts and tables, measuring tools, computer programs and some rules of thumb can confuse you. Bike fitting should be simple.

The position of your body on the bike has a big impact on how you ride. It affects pedaling efficiency and comfort. In a position that is too comfortable, you may not be able to apply enough force to move your bike forward, while in a less comfortable position, you can. But how can you really decide where and how to position your body on the bike?

Your body comes into contact with the bike in three areas – the saddle, your feet, and your hands. The relative position of these three areas determines your efficiency and comfort on the bike. Below are some factors that determine these positions.


The length of your pedal crank determines the diameter of the circle in which your pedals move. The larger the circle, the more you need to flex your thigh muscles and knee to turn the cranks. The muscles in your thigh cannot apply the same amount of force over the entire range of motion.

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