Tell the truth, have you heard a million times about this “SEO” in the last few years and have you always wondered what it means? Or, do you already know its meaning but want to know more and know who holds the throne of the best Italian seo of the moment? You are satisfied.

What is SEO?

Definition : Search Engine Optimization, translated : Search Engine Optimization .

Search Engine Optimization is the activity of optimizing a website , through On Site strategies (therefore internal changes to the site) and Off Site (external signals: backlinks, shares, mentions from social networks etc …), with the ultimate aim of improving the positioning on Google  for the keywords of the sector in question, obtaining in exchange a better quality of visits and (not necessarily) an increasing number of accesses.

The most common mistake is to think that an SEO agency works to bring a greater number of visits to a site. In reality, the job of SEO is to ensure that a site receives quality visits : even few, but from users who are really interested in the service in question. The goal, in fact, is to transform visits into conversions and sales (leads, clicks on banners etc…). Sometimes it is better to bring 10 visitors to the site with 4 conversions than 1000 visits but 1 conversion.

How to become the Best Italian Seo

Those who turn to a website positioning agency (agenzia di posizionamento di siti web)  often do so because they are tired of not seeing their site in the search results and not receiving online contacts. Google can sometimes be wrong, so the intervention of a qualified seo is essential to ensure that the search engine, through certain techniques, can assign the right positioning in the SERP (the list of 10 search engine results) to a site. web.

Is it SEO or SEO?

Some are wondering whether it is more correct to say SEO or SEO. There is a bit of confusion about it, but usually (in Italy) we use to say in the feminine “the SEO” when it comes to identifying ” the optimization activity “, and with “the SEO” we mean the web professional who deals with ” optimizing a website “.

Do the best agencies work for Google?

A website positioning agency (or web agency) does not actually work for Google, but works “with” Google. Its activity is a “virtual collaboration” with the search engine, so that the latter returns to users results that are increasingly in line with the ” search intent “, that is what the user really wants to know.

What about Google Partner Agencies?

Having received the Google Partner badge   means that the agency in question has passed certain steps (adwords costs, online certifications etc…). As you can easily guess, an agency that has obtained the Google Partner badge does not work for Google, but has been certified by Google, as a real agency and that has the right level of expertise in the sector.

The Best Italian SEO

Difficult to determine a ranking on who could be the absolute best in the field. In SEO, hundreds of factors come into play that an entire course or tutorial would not be enough to explain them all. Furthermore, you can be very good SEOs and climb the serp for certain sectors and maybe bad for others. SEO is a rather vast discipline made up not only of technicalities but also of “intuitions”, or rather of hidden skills (and sensitivity) that make one SEO better than another .

But we all agree on one thing. The best of all must appear first on the search engines . Or at least, among the top ten results .

Therefore, the only data that we can take into consideration to establish who is the number 1 SEO in Italy is precisely the positioning that the latter has acquired on Google for his business. In Italy there are so many Seo and Web Marketing Agencies and they continue to grow from year to year, so we are talking about hundreds of websites indexed on Google for relevant keywords.

But who ranks first for the keyword ” Consulente SEO “?


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