Having an automated solution for everything is the latest fad and fields like Data Science or Business Intelligence don’t remain untouched by this trend. Tableau is a data visualization tool that has gained traction among all businesses striving to make intelligence-based decisions. The companies want to cut on the operational cost by making the processes truly scalable and responsive to the demand’s dynamics. It is why the emphasis is on the candidates who have completed the Data Science Certification Course or taken Tableau training.

What You Will Learn in Tableau Training

Tableau training courses are designed to offer a step-wise demonstration of how to use this tool for data science purposes. The course has the features that help the learners in up-skilling themselves and get the jobs in companies that are driven towards attaining better levels of business intelligence. As a trainee, you are walked through the topics, such as:

  • Installing and setting up Tableau on the system
  • Steps for generating data visualization tools like pie charts, heat maps, bar graphs, etc.
  • Making decision more collaborative with Tableau Dashboard creation
  • Perform activities like dual-axis charts calculation and table calculation
  • Designing of data aligning tools such as storylines, scatterplots, treemaps, time series, data hierarchies, etc.
  • Develop understanding of data granularity and perform field creation calculation, parameters setting, data aggregation, etc.
  • Assigning geographical rules to data points
  • How to blend data in Tableau
  • Exporting results from Tableau to MS Suite applications, Excel sheets, PowerPoints to make the whole findings more presentable and easy to comprehend
  • Perform actions in Tableau such as data extract creation, adding filters and other dashboard activities.

Who Can Benefit From Tableau Training?

Tableau training courses are beneficial for the aspiring data scientists. They need to develop comfort with using automated data visualization solution like Tableau. By mastering this tool, they can reduce human-led error in predictive analysis and make the results completely free from biases of any form. 

This course helps both the beginners and the professionals who are trying to boost their career in Data Science. Business Intelligence is the present and the future, too, of the strategic planning. The visionaries want to work more on facts than hunches. Hence, they assign the data mining, visualization and manipulation task to qualified professionals who can provide their vision a solid base. Thus, all business model experts who work towards making the processes faster and user-oriented can benefit from the Tableau training.

Scope of Tableau Training

Market research, competitor analysis, warehouse planning, and demand forecasting, sales forecasting, etc. are some of the areas where Tableau-trained professionals can contribute with their expertise. These processes constitute business intelligence and are a part of a full-fledged industry now.

Get the best resources for the Data Science Certification Course and Tableau training and prepare for a promising career in this new and diversified vertical of IT industry. It can pay you back in the form of better positions in companies and amazing growth in salary packages. 

With XCEED, you can become the type of professional that organizations need to make smarter, data-driven business decisions. Take advantage of a market-driven curriculum, enrol in the data science certification course  that’s designed to close the skills gap and gain an edge in a competitive, rapidly-growing job market.


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