The bored piers are piles with non-displacement formed on the soft ground from where the soil is extracted. These are also referred to as the drift shaft & can be very well utilized for supporting the heavyweights. The bored piers offer the right support to the concrete foundations or loads. You require to use the bored piers on the job site.

You can easily find some very good readymade concrete pile foundations like spun pile & reinforced piles that are square in shape and can be used well for your construction.

The Process of Installing Bored Piers

You can find several benefits of bored piers footings, but you must know the bored piers’ procedure. The following are the steps that you should follow for defining the procedure of installing bored piers:

#1. Begin the process by drilling a hole in the soil.

#2. This hole should be around 2.4 meters in width and 60 meters in depth.

#3. You will require to use a characteristic steel cylinder for the drilling process, and you will require to insert the cylinder right underneath the ground. After completing the drilling procedure, you will be required to remove the cylinder & pour the concrete with the help of a concrete pump.

P.S – A crucial point that we should mention is that the borers should have the necessary buckets to collect the debris and soil and thereby clean up the space.

While this may appear to be a very simple task, this is advisable for you to seek the best professional assistance for installing the bored piers. This particular procedure requires extensive knowledge and skills. After the proper installation, the next requirement is to fill the top side with the bored piers. You should necessarily cast the bored piers in your construction site.

Bored Piers Offer the Ultimate Support:

Whenever the granular soils or the groundwater provide some of the most challenging conditions, a steel casing is used to support the hole and allow the auger extraction without collapse. These bored piers are mainly used as those foundation piles during this time, limiting the settlement of structures that they support. On the other hand, this same technique can also be used to construct the soldier piles for just retaining the walls.

  • This installation procedure will involve minimalistic noise and vibration when compared to the driven pile techniques.
  • Some reputed companies have specialist equipment and the much-needed expertise to install bored piles across wide ranges of site-specified roles, groundwater, and rock conditions.

Bored Piers Make Heavy Buildings Stable on Weak Soil:

It is one of the major reasons why construction companies always rely on bored piers for their services. The moist and loose sandy soil near the coastal areas is one load-bearing poo soil. So, such areas will need reinforcements.

  • So, it is up to the construction firms to ensure that the building’s weight is appropriately distributed.
  • With the help of bored piers, contractors can easily ensure that even the heaviest buildings remain stable on weaker soils.
  • But, for most industrial plants and even factories of that said area, you might have to opt for other solutions apart from bored piers. Consulting an educated civil engineer for the services is a good thought.

What is the Reason for Installing Bored Piers?

If the case is that you need to require applying heavy loads on a particular building, then you should necessarily use bored piers. It is impossible to install a particular concrete foundation on very soft soil in a region with underground water. Under such circumstances, you must drill on the ground & pour some concrete membranes. You will have to create a structure at the earth’s underground level for the earth’s retention. You also have the provision of installing several bored piers in case of large construction sites. You should keep in mind that there should be a distance of about 75-100 mm distance to be maintained between two bored piers.

The installation of the bored piers may sometimes sound to be easy, but they are not as you require to investigate the soil & then fetch the report from a professional engineer. You can choose the installation of the bored piers depending on the type of soil on the construction site. You can hire a bored piers contractor with 5-8 years or more experience in this particular field. If the ground where your construction site has less soil cohesion, you have to drill that particular ground with the help of steel cages.

Bored piers are available in various sizes. No matter what size your project is, you will get it done. You can choose a bored pier based on your requirement.

The bored pier footings can penetrate the softer soil & underground water. This prevents the variation in moisture. Apart from this, this process creates lesser noise and larger vibration.


So, after going through this article, you now have all the basic information regarding bored piers & the right approach to installing them. You also know how beneficial and convenient bored piers are.


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