According to a recent study, Canada is ranked among the countries with the cleanest air. It has a vast landmass and small population, making maintaining air quality imperative. Although the study ranks Canadian air quality at the top, it can vary in different areas. In particular, in homes.

A small space is more likely to have poor air quality with contaminants coming inside and remaining. Poor air quality is also caused because of poorly maintained air duct cleaning.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Most homeowners do not even know how dirty the inside of the air duct is and are alarmed when they do discover it. It is contaminated with microscopic and macroscopic dirt and minerals, dandruff, dust mites, and loose fibres. Likely a lot more than what you were expecting.

Air duct cleaning is a process where the heating and cooling systems of the air ducts and all the components are scrubbed clean. The components cleaned include the supply and return air ducts. It removes the dust and build-up. The inside of the air duct and its components are cleaned thoroughly to circulate clean air.


How to Clean an Air Duct?

Air duct cleaning is based on several factors such as the size of the home, how accessible the components are, how dirty the air duct is, etc. The professional duct cleaning service starts with an inspection of the home.

Companies use a vacuum hose that they insert directly into the air duct. They create access holes in the duct to do so. The vacuum sucks out all the dirt, and the vents are cleaned due to the compressed air. Professionals include all the air duct components, such as the fan, coil, etc., in the cleaning process.

You can also clean your ducts to help the heating system last longer, spread clean air, and reduce allergies. Ductwork systems such as those in the kitchen and bathroom are reachable by removing vent covers and washing them. You can also change the air filters.

Tips to Keep Your Air Duct Clean

Keeping air ducts clean will lead to better air quality in your home and prevent the spread of infectious (airborne) diseases as well. Although professional air duct cleaning happens every few years, knowing some tips will help decide when to get it and how to pick the right company to clean it.

Tip #1: Check for Mould

Mould develops in damp and dark places, which means it can fester in places like air ducts. If your air ducts have developed mould, the best action will be to replace the damaged parts and replace it.

Tip #2: Call the Pros

It is recommended that you have air ducts professionally cleaned every 2 to 3 years. There is epidemiologic evidence that poor HVAC conditions have contributed to the spread of COVID. It’s even more important in these times to get a professional air duct cleaning.


Tip #3: Get Cleaning Estimates

The air duct system spans the whole house, and depending on the size of your house and how much cleaning the air duct needs, the cleaning cost can go up quickly. Since the cleaning can be extensive, get an estimate before hiring professionals to clean it.

Tip #4: Check for Clogs and Debris

Since air ducts are sucking up debris, it is common for them to become clogged over time. Clogging can occur because of rodents and insects as well. In extreme cases, you can see the air duct releasing particles. These particles can also have mould and mildew due to decaying matter.

Looking for a Trusted Home Cleaning Company in Calgary?

Many Calgary duct cleaning services make one promise or another. If you are looking for a trusted furnace and duct cleaning in Calgary, try GDI Home Services. They were formerly known as Servpro Cleaning and have decades of experience.

They offer furnace and duct cleaning services along with window and pressure washing cleaning, residential carpet cleaning, specialty cleaning, and more.

You can contact them or visit their website for more information.

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The author formerly wrote for a local lifestyle magazine in Calgary and now, as a stay-at-home of two adorable kids, is always on the hunt for a good bargain and things to write on. Investing a lot in her home has made her want the best of all the residential cleaning services offered to keep that investment safe.


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