What is an overbed table?

Aged Care Lounges:

Aged care lounges: An overbed table is a height-adjustable table that rolls over a bed to give a flat, sturdy surface. They usually feature locking wheels that make them easier to manoeuvre. This makes them particularly advantageous for hospitals, aged care lounges, and those who like to work from their bed or sofa. You can easily find overbed tables Australia-wide by contacting any manufacturer or supplier around you. 

What is an Overbed Table Used For?

Home Use

Many rooms benefit from the installation of overbed tables. They’re small and light, making them simple to take out and use as needed. When working on a laptop, an overbed table provides a firm, ergonomic surface that may be utilised instead of laying it on your lap. Its firm, smooth surface is perfect for eating on and enables for quick cleanup if accidents occur.

Care Facility Use

In hospitals, overbed tables can be utilised to offer patients a smooth, flat surface on which they can dine, work, and store their personal items while in bed. They also serve as a platform for medical personnel to place their supplies while dealing with a patient.

How to Choose an Overbed Table

It may appear that selecting an overbed table is a straightforward task, and it is, but there are a few factors to consider:

  • What height do you require for your table? Despite the fact that most overbed tables are adjustable, they aren’t all the same. Before you go out and buy an overbed table, figure out how tall you’ll need it to be.
  • Do you want an overbed table with a tilt-top? If you’re using a laptop in bed, this will allow you to have a more ergonomic angle.

How to Set up Your Drive Medical Overbed Table

Here is a step by step guide to set up your overbed table:

Step 1: 

Lay out all of the pieces and scrutinise them before putting them together.

Step 2: 

Place the trip lever on top of the trip rod in the square column assembly and secure it with the long silver bolt and nut.

Step 3: 

Remove the triangle knob and spacer, then separate the inner and outer tubes.

Step 4: 

Insert the outer tube on the column assembly via the short top’s mounting tube. Then, on the big top, thread the outer tube through the mounting tube. Last but not least, thread the inner tube through the mounting tube. Tighten the thumbscrew in the outer tube’s hole.

Step 5:

Tighten the knob after replacing the triangle knob and spacer.

Step 6:

In the base, which links to the column assembly, install the two casters with locking. In the base opposite the column assembly, install two non-locking casters.

Step 7: 

Install two-bolt sleeves into the appropriate holes by turning the base upside down. Then, through the bolt plate and the bolt sleeves, place two bolts. Thread the bolts into the bottom of the column assembly and place the base on top of it. Using a 16mm wrench, tighten the bolt.

Step 8: 

The table may now be flipped over and placed on the casters.

Step 9: 

To avoid damaging the spring-loaded system, this step must be finished last. Replace the black screw labelled “Remove for Assembly” in the column assembly collar with the chrome screw included in the hardware kit. Do not remove the chrome screw that has a “Do Not Remove” label.

Your Medical Overbed Table Double Top is now ready to use. You can work, dine, and read from the comfort of your bed with only a few tools and a little bit of time.


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