Learning to play any instrument for the first time requires significant time and effort. Though learning to play the guitar is exciting, every beginner makes a few common mistakes. However, avoiding these mistakes can help you learn better and faster.

We enlist for you the most commonly made mistakes and ways you can overcome them to become a professional guitarist in no time.

Improper Grip On the Guitar

The first step to playing the guitar is learning how to hold it. The curves of your guitar are specifically designed to hug your body. When seated, you can place the curve on your knee.

When you’re standing, the curves can easily hug your rib cage. Holding your guitar properly allows you to free your arms, use the frets and implement proper strumming techniques as you play.

Not Tuning Your Guitar Every Time You Play

Every time you use your guitar, it goes out of tune. So the next time you pick it up to play, make some minor tuning adjustments. Tuning your guitar ensures the strings of your instrument are set at the right pitches. As a result, tuning can make scales, riffs, and chords sound the way they should. If your guitar isn’t tuned properly, it’s not playable.

Some other reasons your guitar won’t stay in tune include climate, old strings, damaged tuning pegs, and more.


Learning Without a Professional

If you’re looking for the best way to learn to play the guitar, seek the help of a teacher. A professional can teach you chord changes and proper picking and strumming techniques that you’re less likely to learn from your friends or videos. Just a few guitar lessons will boost your confidence as a beginner player.

Not Focusing on Tempo and Timing

According to professional guitar players, only some people can keep a constant rhythm going. If you fail to keep count and stay on beat, you can’t play the guitar. If you’ve been practicing without a metronome, consider getting one. You can also download a metronome app on your phone and use it during your practice sessions. Not focusing on tempo won’t allow you to stay on beat.

Trying to Play too Fast

Though speed is an important factor in playing the guitar, it’s not something you should be aiming for. Most beginner players wish to play the guitar at an incredible speed within a month. The most important thing is playing slowly but correctly than playing fast and sloppy.

Speed comes naturally as you practice, so you don’t need to work on it until you perfect the playing techniques. Initially, you must learn to control your fingers to master precise movements, and you can learn this only at slow speeds. Your speed will improve naturally once your fingers get used to the instrument.

Not Practicing Enough

One of the key benefits of practicing regularly is that you’ll become more confident and skilled. Moreover, it introduces a new way to communicate and develop your muscle memory. Since muscle memory can decline quickly, it requires constant practice.

Moreover, most of the practices focus on refining and maintaining skills you’ve already developed. That’s how practicing guitar every day can make you a better player.

Improper practicing also prevents beginner guitar players from advancing further. To hone your skills, you need to master new techniques every day. Your practice session should include tuning up, stretching your fingers, and doing some warm-up exercises across the fretboard.

Not Playing in Front of Others

The basic mistake people make is not playing in front of others. Playing in front of the audience gives a healthy dose of adrenaline, a short-term goal, and improves your confidence. You can start with your family and then play in front of your friends. The compliments you receive will encourage you to practice even more.

Playing guitar in front of friends

Learning from Many People

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can be tempted to take lessons from many other players. However, you must be careful with who you choose to learn from. That’s because what works well for one player may not be suitable for another. Practicing every day can make you more comfortable with a concept.

A high-quality guitar helps beginners learn better

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About the Author

The author is an advanced guitarist who gives guitar lessons to beginner players. He has garnered a significant reputation in the music industry because of his playing techniques.



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