Intermodal trucking is one of the efficient modes of transporting freight to large distances. When businesses are dealing with inter-state and across-the-border trading, intermodal transportation can benefit them in many ways. This is why this mode of transportation is always in demand and the reason why you should be looking for intermodal trucking jobs

If you want to enter the trucking business and do not know whether to become an OTR driver or an intermodal trucking driver, then here are some facts that can help you decide why you should become an intermodal truck driver. 

Low Requirements For The Job

The best thing about becoming a truck driver is that you do not require expensive educational degrees or training programs to apply for the vacancy. Unlike other jobs, becoming a truck driver is far less expensive.

You need to pass the commercial driving test and get yourself a truck driver’s license. You will have to go through a brief training program to learn work ethics and safety protocols. These are usually free or fees are affordable. You do not have to take admitted to college or university with expensive per credit hour fees. 

More Efficient 

Intermodal trucking is much more efficient than OTR trucking. This is because when you are taking freight on a long haul in OTR, you have to load the luggage from the client’s warehouse and unload it at the destination point. Secondly, drivers have to cover large distances that can take days. 

Intermodal Truck drivers do not have to waste their time and energy loading and unloading. Cranes at the loading site and drop-off site do the job much more quickly and efficiently

Pays A Handsome Amount

Intermodal truck drivers can earn a handsome amount each month without having to work an unhealthy number of working hours. On average an intermodal truck driver can earn up to $70,000 in a year. If the driver is experienced or working for a bigger company, then he may earn as much as $90,000 annually.  This is a huge amount compared to OTR truck drivers. 

If you are looking for a job that pays well without asking for college degrees then this job is meant for you. If you are more efficient in your job, or you become a regional driver, you can earn more than average. 

Flexible Working Hours 

Intermodal trucks do not have tiring working hours like OTR truckers.  The freight that intermodal trucks haul is usually meant to be taken to the rail or shipping docks where cargo is taken to the destination place through ships or trains. 

This means that intermodal trucks have to travel short distances that can be covered within the day. Flexible working hours allow truck drivers to spend more time with their families. They can enjoy a healthy balance between their personal and work life. This option is not available with the OTR truck drivers as they can be out for delivery for days. 

Last Word

If you want a challenging career in transportation and want to make a good living while doing so, an intermodal truck driver is an excellent option. These positions generally revolve around a handful of major metropolitan areas.


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