Even if smoke detectors basically all have the same warning function,sous vide backstrap there are still different types of devices that differ in their functionality and structure. We, therefore, present them to you in the following table:

Photoelectric smoke detectors


  • Also called optical smoke detector
  • Registers smoke particles in the air by means of a sensor and trigger an alarm when emitted light rays from infrared LEDs hit them and the light is reflected onto the sensor
  • Not suitable for kitchen or workshop, as smoke detectors could also react to water vapor or dust

Thermal smoke detectors


  • Also called heat detector
  • Do not react to smoke particles, but to a change in temperature in the air when a certain temperature limit is reached
  • Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, but not in living rooms, as the warning tone would start too late and people would not notice a fire in time at night


Multi-criteria smoke detector


  • Detect smoke particles and temperature changes
  • Can be used anywhere, as the smoke detector of the kitchen could deactivate the sensor for smoke particles during cooking to avoid false alarms
  • Practical, so you don’t have to install several different devices


Smoke detectors for the deaf


  • Smoke detectors have radio modules that send a signal to a luminaire or a vibrating cushion when triggered so that deaf people can still perceive an alarm
  • Devices are covered by health insurance companies


In our smoke detector comparison, we have only listed photoelectric smoke detectors, as they are sold particularly frequently and also have the greatest advantages. For the sake of completeness, we will now compare you with the disadvantages.




  • Rare false alarms, if not mounted in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Enormously reliable, especially in the case of fires with smoke development that has just arisen
  • Inexpensive to buy and rare battery changes necessary
  • You can connect smart smoke detectors to Wi-Fi or apps to see what’s going on at home on the go




  • Not suitable for all rooms, as the kitchen may also react to water vapor
  • Triggers are sometimes more slowly in blazing flames


What is the smoke detector obligation in Germany?

Throughout Germany, landlords and owners of apartments and houses must ensure that smoke detectors are hung in living rooms and bedrooms as well as in corridors that serve as escape routes. At times, chamber vaccum sealer this obligation only applied to new buildings, but now existing properties in all federal states must also be equipped with it. The maintenance of the smoke detectors is also the responsibility of the landlords and owners. The only exception to the smoke detector obligation is Saxony.


What should you look for before buying a smoke detector?

In order to find your smoke detector test winner, we give you an overview of the different brands that sell these devices in this chapter. In addition, we will introduce you to the main categories that you should know before buying so that you can buy the best smoke detector for your home.



Smoke detectors are available online as well as in electronics stores and supermarkets such as Aldi or Lidl from the following brands:


Nest Protect

Ei Electronics






Bush Hunters

Basically, there are smoke detectors from all price ranges from the manufacturers mentioned, but cheap smoke detectors have already proven themselves and you do not necessarily have to resort to expensive devices.


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