Is there a social quant alternative to Twitter?


You can find their homepage if you(Buy Facebook Followers UK) don’t believe my claims. You will probably find out what we did there.

The social quant alternative– Social quant is dead.

Twitter’s obsession with enforcing its rules has also made it difficult for many of us to use the platform we have used over the years to grow our Twitter following.


Social Quant allows you to connect your Twitter account to their website, select keywords (likely hashtags), and then you can be done. You would be the first to follow those people.


It was hoped that others would follow you back, a strategy that has proven successful repeatedly.


My personal Twitter account @scottayres was connected to their site for more than a year. I have more than doubled the number of followers due to their efforts.


Social Quant and its users were doing great until…


Twitter Squashes Social Quantity

This email was sent by Twitter on April 3, 2018, to anyone who believed they had used Social Quant or any of the other apps in their crosshairs.


  • Twitter email – social quant alternatives
  • Social quant alternatives–twitter email 2

Twitter then shut down Social Quant’s Twitter accounts a week later, including several employees (including its founder).


Many users were afraid of being punished and immediately disconnected from Social Quant.


Monday, May 7, I went to their website to check my account. I was still connected and received the “winding up operations” screenshot that I shared at the start of this post.


I reached out to the team and received this reply:


Hi Scott


Social Quant’s Terms and Conditions allow us to modify or discontinue the Company Services (or any portion thereof) with or without prior notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


We have stopped all service and billing.


Like you, I am now searching for other options to do the heavy lifting.


Social Quant Alternatives

Let’s look at some other apps that can be used to accomplish the same work as Social Quant.


  1. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is a business that has been in operation since 2010, and it compiles with all Twitter’s rules.

Note: click here

These are also highly recommended by Madalyn, a Twitter power user — I trust it if she trusts them!


social quant alternatives– manageflitter


These are just a few of the many features offered by the tool.


Management of accounts

This tab displays how many people haven’t followed me back and allows me to choose to unfollow them all (one-by-one) if I so desire.

social quant alternatives– managflitter unfollow

These categories can be searched using the filtering options in the left navigation bar.


There is no profile image.


Inactive (I haven’t tweeted for the past 30 days).

Fake (shows which account you have followed that were deemed fake, but you are not certain on the criteria).

The Following Ratio allows you to see who has the highest/lowest following ratio. High is not good.

Talkative/Quiet (shows people who tweet more than 5 times per week or less than one time per day).

Influence (self-explanatory).

Never Unfollow/Follow (allows users to be allowed or blocked). Only available for their Pro plan

Manage muted users

Follow Everyone.

The free account allows you to follow/unfollow only 20 people per day. However, they offer few options for increasing that limit.



Only paid plans have access to the “Analytics” section. I don’t have any paid plans. The analytics are not available to me. However, this screenshot was found on ManageFlitter’s website:


Social quant alternatives– Manageflitter Analytics Image


Surprise! ManageFlitter has a scheduling option called “Powerpost,” allowing you to pick the best time to post.


social quant alternative– manageflitter


ManageFlitter offers plans starting at $12 per month if the free plan does not suit your needs. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, it can be quite expensive.


  1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse may not appear like a viable alternative to Social Quant. This is especially true when it comes down to automatically following and unfollowing.


The “Listening” feature allows you to easily search for people tweeting about your topic or mentioning you.


Choose the profile that you wish to create a following and click “Listen.”


Social quant alternatives–listening with

Next, click on the “Create new search button” to see the next option.


social quant alternatives– social listening

You can view any search you have already made. These searches can be edited or created new ones.


Click “Create new search.”


Social quant alternatives – creating a new type of search

You can search using a hashtag and give the search a title, as you can see. Your search can include multiple keywords, phrases or Twitter handles. When you are done, click “Next.”


social quant alternative

You can “heart” any tweet and reply to it if you like. You can also open it on Twitter if desired. Due to Twitter restrictions, I cannot choose to follow this person within our app because it is from a phrase or word. To do this, I would need to open the tweet on Twitter.


If a search included my username, I could follow the account as shown in the following example (notice the Follow button to the right).

Social quant alternatives–following users

You can set up multiple searches using different usernames and phrases, and you could follow people who are not following you.


While it is impossible to unfollow someone who doesn’t follow back to you, it’s a great way for targeted followers to grow based on your searches.


You are also in control and can respond to tweets. People will notice your replies and tweets.


(Is it not important to mention that you would be using a tool that follows Twitter’s rules?)


You can also add tags to each user (like the “ambassador” tag in the above image) to organize who they are.


ManageFlitter is not compatible with other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


Pricing starts at $49 and includes three social profiles with its intro plan. Manage Flitter’s Pro starter plan gives you only one profile. All plans allow you to access all publishing and reporting functions. However, you will need to upgrade to Manage Flitter’s “Business” plan to have everything.


You will need to manage 10 Twitter accounts for $99 per month. Manage Flitter costs $199/mo


Twitter Management Tool


  1. Alternatives to Social Quantity

It wasn’t easy to find other Social Quant alternatives I could trust enough to test.


You may be required to download their software. This will prevent you from having multiple IP addresses log into your Twitter account.


However, it is impossible to determine what software is storing or adding to your system.


Use your time wisely.


CrowdFire works similarly to ManageFlitter.

  • FollowLiker
  • TweetAttacksPro
  • Audience
  • Tweet

You can use you can do it manually. The key is to engage the right people.


You’re effectively gaining fake followers, which can be used to fool your boss in 2010, for example. A large number of unresponsive followers is useless.


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