The foot shell of the binding provides support on the sides and for the heel so that you do not slip back and forth in the binding. For the forefoot,vicks rapid read thermometer reviews the binding has a base plate on which the forefoot is placed. Professionals use a rotating bale plate in alpine terrain. For snow hikes, however, a binding with a solid bale plate is sufficient. The shoe is held in the binding with the help of straps on the forefoot, the instep, and the heel. Snowshoes, which you can also use to ski, have a binding that is similar to those on snowboards and gives the heel a particularly good grip.

With a ratchet binding, the straps can be tightened and tightened particularly easily. If the strap can be opened with closure, you can keep the adjustment of the straps and slip back into the binding the next time you use it, for example after a lunch break, and simply close it. Alternatively, the belts are adjusted and closed with a mandrel clasp. The binding should be designed in such a way that the snowshoe can be easily put on and taken off even with gloves.

In the case of bindings, comfort bindings are distinguished from security bindings. Comfort bindings are used for classics. Care is taken to ensure that the binding is comfortable and suitable for longer hikes. Often it is only equipped with straps for the forefoot and a heel strap. Safety bindings must give the feet support in various conditions, such as on the plain and on slopes, on soft and hard snow. Therefore, the forefoot is often secured by three adjustable straps, and additional support is provided by a strap for the tension.

A climbing aid relieves your calves when walking uphill

A climbing aid is placed under the heel, usually by opening it. During the ascent, this prevents the heel from sitting on the floor when walking. An overstretching and thus an overload of your calves can be prevented. The climbing aid is folded up manually or can be activated with the top of your mountain poles.

Harsh claws allow safe walking on hard snow

So that you do not slip on hard snow with the snowshoes, snowshoes are equipped with so-called harsh claws. They are usually made of stainless steel and are attached to the bottom, usually to two side rails. The steel spikes can be folded in and out, depending on the snow situation. Particularly practical is the operation of the harsh claws with the tip of the snow stick.

Front spikes serve as crampons as an ascent aid in alpine terrain. They are attached to the front edge of the base plate and are pushed into the snow when walking through the forefoot.

How do you find the right size for your snowshoes?

When choosing snowshoes, the first thing you should decide is whether you need snowshoes for women or snowshoes for men, or a model for children. Snowshoes for women and snowshoes for men are similar in design. For women and for children, however, you will get smaller snowshoes than for men. In addition, the binding for women is adapted to the usually narrower feet, and snowshoes for children have a simple binding so that the children can put on and take off the snowshoes alone. Also, the snowshoes for hiking differ in design and color.

You can determine the right size based on your shoe size,prepare the thermometer your body weight, and the total weight worn with the snowshoes. The binding of the snowshoes can be adjusted in length. Therefore, in our product table in the category “Shoe size,” you will find the indication of the smallest and the largest possible shoe size, for which the binding of the snowshoes is suitable.

Relevant to the contact surface of the snowshoes is the total weight to be borne. This is made up of your body weight plus your clothes plus equipment. The heavier the total weight, the larger the snowshoe should be. Ideally, if the snowshoes are suitable for your weight plus equipment, read online tests for snowshoes for hiking. Even if snowshoes can withstand a weight of up to 200 kg, they may be too large and therefore too bulky when hiking.

Tip: Online tests for snowshoes indicate that you can often find snowshoes to rent and try out in winter sports areas. This gives you the opportunity to test different models and sizes.

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