In this present time, an electric skateboard is very popular with the young generation. They can lead an enjoyable life with this tool. Voeep will provide the best quality electric skateboard for them. If you are interested in it, you need to read this article because this article provides you necessary information for you. There are many people, who want a powerful off-road electric skateboard to get good passing on a variety of roads. If you are interested in this product, you should not miss the V8 off-road electric skateboard of Voeep. It’s a great option for all kinds of terrain and riding on rough roads is not a problem. You will get a comfortable riding experience with extremely smooth acceleration and braking. So, it is an ideal electric skateboard option for wilderness riding. 

Voeep Electric Skateboard

Voeep will offer you high-power performance dual motors that have two 1650W dual motors. For this reason, it can cruise at scorching speeds up to 25+ MPH that has a max range of UP TO 15-19 Miles. On the other hand, you will get the skateboard that boasts a 10-Layer Canadian Maple Wood that is covered by sandpaper. It carries the weight of a rider up to 265 pounds that is durable and designed for long-lasting use.

There is a belt transmission system that is efficient and considered more powerful than its counterpart equally priced hub system. You can enjoy this feature with a powerful 42V 10AH 10S4P battery. Voeep has V8 belt-driven electric mountain board for providing more strong power. On the other hand, it has low resistance that is easy to turn. It can allow you to experience a smooth ride up to 30°. 

The slide turn-on function is another feature of Voeep’s skateboard. With this function or feature, you can maximize the convenience of your ride with the latest technology. This company-powered skateboard can automatically boot by fast sliding. There is no bend down to open the button. It is simple and convenient to control. You will get this skateboard with a professional design that has 7.8” diameter off-road skateboard wheels. They have stripes for better grip and enough friction with the inflatable, premium rubber tires.

If you want to hit on that the board comes with bindings to fix your feet firmly on the board,  this skateboard is perfect for you that is designed for young adults and professional riders over the age of 14. You will get a top speed of 40km/H(24.8mph). The battery current is 42V 10AH 10S4P. The tire size is 7.8inch air tires. With these wonderful characteristics, you can get a wonderful riding experience easily. You can control this electric-powered skateboard with a remote. To get more information go now to

Conclusion: In the last step of this article, we can say that Voeep’s electric skateboard is perfect for you if you want to get a smooth riding experience. There is much-advanced technology that can make your time easy and comfortable. You will get a wireless Bluetooth remote control facility that helps you better master your longboard and takes you anywhere, anytime to enjoy the scenery. So, start your journey with Voeep Electric Skateboard. 


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