There is something on this list for everyone, but I wanted to start with some of the Simple ways to make more money. If you are looking for ways to make money without investing a lot of time or effort, these are yours.

Simple ways to make some money

Write an eBook and sell it on Amazon

EBooks books can be downloaded or downloaded electronically or online. Anyone can write an eBook for any topic and sell it for profit. You can create a website with a shopping cart or a PayPal link and control the entire process yourself. Alternatively, you can work with a third-party site such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and pay them a commission every time you sell.

Start your own YouTube channel & Facebook page

It’s no secret that YouTube is a huge money-making series for many content creators. The best part is, everything you need to start the camera (the one on your phone is good enough).  YouTube users monetize their videos in many different ways: top ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or sometimes even asking for fan support. It can take time to create and monetize a YouTube channel, but if you have an interesting angle or title, you can build a fan base and start monetizing your videos in a matter of months. You can make money using Facebook $100 a day.

Become a bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is a daunting and time-consuming task for many business owners to choose from. If the business owner hires you to provide bookkeeping services, you will reconcile bank accounts, create income statements and balance sheets, and clean general ledgers or transaction records.

You may find yourself doing various things including packing, moving, assembling furniture, mounting a television or mirror, shopping at a party, or repairing a leaky toilet. They are often activities that someone else cannot do on their own or do not have time for. Sign up for a few small activity websites to get gigs in your area.

Write marketing campaigns via email

Email vendors help companies create email lists, compose emails, and grow subscribers by default email sequence. This is another area where certain digital marketing information may be helpful, but not necessarily the case.

HubSpot offers a free email marketing certificate for beginners. In it, you will learn the basics of email marketing, including how to create and categorize email lists, write the most effective emails, and analyze your email performance. With a certificate under your belt, you can start reaching out to business owners or create a list on a few independent sites like Fiverr or Upwork to get your first customers. Try to find out Fiverr and Upwork jobs that pay 10000 a month.

Try your hand at dropshipping

Dropshipping is where you sell things online without buying or storing any kind of invention. When a customer orders a product from your online store (and pays the full sale price), you send their order to the supplier and pay the supplier the wholesale price. If you can sell the product for more than you paid, then all the profits are yours to keep.

In this way, you can make more money. Once you know what kind of product you would like to sell online, find a reputable supplier. Your supplier delivers products directly to your customers, so find a trusted manufacturer of high-quality products.

To get started with dropshipping, you will need to set up your online store. You can sell discounted products on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, or your website.

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