Shadmehr Aghili Poker Site

In this article, we will get acquainted with Shadmehr Aghili poker site, which means Bet Magic Poker site. Majic Poker is a part of the Bat Magic site that has been advertised by the famous pop singer Shadmehr. At betmajic, in addition to predicting explosions, you can also participate in poker tables. Magic Poker has crowded and specialized tables and many poker players on this site are engaged in betting and earning money online.

About Magic Poker Majic Poker

As explained above, Magic Poker is part of the Idol Magic betting site. In this section you can participate in poker tables and compete with professionals. Poker is one of the most popular casino games played with passer cards. This game is currently the first choice of many people who want to earn money through betting. سایت شرط بندی بت مجیک شادمهر عقیلی و آدرس سایت بت مجیک Bet Magic

How to play Idol Magic Poker?

To participate in Idol Poker Tables, you must first become familiar with the game of poker. In previous articles, we have fully taught the game of poker, as well as the tricks and methods of winning the game of poker. You can read these articles by visiting our site archive. After getting acquainted with poker and a little practice in this game, you will be ready to participate in online poker tables.

Why choose Magic Poker?

Online poker sites have a lot of fans today. Because the activities of casinos and betting in general are prohibited in our country, users are forced to operate on poker sites. Of course, people must play poker on a reputable and approved site in order to be sure of their income. Magic Poker site is one of the best choices for people who want to play online poker.

Majic poker features

Presence of Iranian poker professionals

Specialized tables عActive

Provider of vip tables

With unique tournaments

The highest Perfect Money rate

24-hour support

Secure payment gateway

Very good credibility and security

Authentic and experienced management

How to register in Majic poker?

First of all, you need to register on the BetMagic site. First enter the new address of the site and then click on the registration option. If you also have a betmajic account, click on the option (login to your account) after logging in. Creating an account in Magic Poker is done completely free of charge, and after getting acquainted with and studying the rules of the site, you can top up your account.

Magic Poker address without filter

After entering the main address of BatMagic, you enter the online casino section and select the poker game. You can also select a poker room in the games bar on the main page of the site. To get the new and original address of BatMagic, you can click on the login link at the bottom of the page to be transferred to the address of this site in a short time.

A variety of poker games in Idol Magic

Below we introduce the types of poker games that are offered on the BetMagic site. By entering Magic Poker, you can participate in any of your favorite poker styles and try your luck at winning. You should note that Magic Poker has 24-hour monitoring and offenders and scammers are quickly identified and removed from the game.

Texas Hold’Em Poker Texas Hold’Em

Texas Hold’em is one of the poker games of Bat Magic site, which is the most popular type of poker game in the whole world. Hold’em Poker is played by default in online casinos and world tournaments. Texas Hold’em can be started with 2 to 10 players. Learning all types of poker games requires a basic learning of Hold’em poker.

Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker is the most popular game in the world after Texas Hold’em Poker. Omaha is very similar to Hold’em but has different rules. You need 2 to 10 players to start playing Omaha Poker. It should be noted that in the Omaha version, players receive 4 cards instead of 2, and other rules are similar to Texas Hold’em.

Seven-Card Stud Poker 7 Card Poker

Finally, we have to say that 7-card poker is also offered in Magic Poker. The game of seven-card poker is also very common and in some countries, instead of holding, it is considered as the main and default game. We have to say that 7-card poker is the main subset of the game of poker or Stud. To play this game, you need 2 to 8 poker players.

New address of Shadmehr Aghili idol

There are three ways to find the new betmajic site address, each of which we have fully explained below:Use the login option: At the top and bottom of this article there is a button titled Login. When you select this option, our system will automatically read the latest address of the BatMagic site and transfer you to it. Due to filtering in Iran, this address is constantly changing, and therefore it is recommended to save this page, if necessary, to get the new address of this website, refer to this link and click on the relevant option.

Using the BetMagic application: This website, like other Iranian betting sites, has a mobile application. The application of this website also always takes you to its latest address. Therefore, if you use it, you can always be redirected to the new address of this site.Shadmehr Aghili Instagram: The address of this site is always on Shadmehr Aghili Instagram. Therefore, you can also enter this site from Shadmehr page. Of course, keep in mind that sometimes the address on Instagram is not new. It should be noted that the first address of this website is

Shadmehr Aghili, site manager of Bat Magic

Registration on this site is the same as other betting websites. After you are redirected to the new address of this site through the link of this article, you will see an option called registration at the top of the menu of this website. When you click on this option, you will be taken to the Idol Magic membership page.

On this page you will be asked for information such as username, name, email and mobile number. Be sure to use a valid email in the email section so that you can get your account back in case of any problems.After you click the sign up option, you will receive a confirmation email and you will then be a member of this betting site. Now you need to top up your account to be able to use the features of this website.

Account charging training on Shadmehr Aghili betting site

Recharging accounts at all betting sites is the first step to working on them. In order to top up your account on this site, you must click on the account top-up option from the user menu and select your amount on the relevant page. Then you will be taken to the portal page and by filling in different sections, you can top up your account on this site.

The account charging system of this site has some problems that have caused it not to support the Riali port well. Therefore, if you decide to top up your account with an Iranian bank card in a betting site, we suggest that you visit the TinyBat site. This website is the most reputable site in terms of banking portals and of course casino games.

Ability to top up the account with Perfect Money

Perfect Money is a common currency with which it is very easy to charge accounts at betting sites. If you use Perfect, you no longer need a Rial transaction and you can charge your account much easier, safer and faster. We suggest you read the article on how to charge your account with Perfect Money.

Football prediction in Idol Magic

BetMagic is not just a football prediction site, it has a sports prediction system and it is possible to bet on all sports. In the case of football, this website has more variety and you can predict the matches in different ways.

The most common way to predict is to bet on the outcome of the match. But this website also provides other options such as sports betting on game details as well as mixed betting.If you are interested in other sports such as volleyball, basketball and ،, Shadmehr Aghili prediction site is a good place to bet on this category of sports.

Bet Magic Magazine Site

Online casinos are one of the best places to have fun. You can play different games in online casinos and bet with your competitors in them. Below we bring you the most popular casino games on this website. The following is a list of casino games on this site in order of priority:

Game Blast

Poker game

Play roulette

Game Donkey Luck

Play Baccarat

Game Blackjack

Syndicate Mafia

Heads or Tails

Penalty game

Game Wheel of Time

Game Timbles

Game Shadmehr Aghili Magic Idol Blast

Undoubtedly, you can also say that Blast Game is the most popular game in Iranian online casinos. Explosion game algorithm has caused more and more fans of this game. This issue has caused most Iranian betting sites to support this game.

Idol Blast Magic game is like other sites and has a completely similar appearance to them. In general, the only difference between the blast game and the betting sites is the odds of this game. So our team conducted a survey this year and asked 30,000 users to rate the best Blast Game site in terms of coefficient. In this poll, almost 80% of people voted for Tiny Idol.

For this reason, if you decide to play Blast Game, we suggest that you play on reputable sites with high odds. Of course, Shadmehr Aghili’s explosion game site was also valid, but in this case, it should be said that the coefficients of this site are not as good as the coefficients of Tiny Idol or even Hot Idol and Pablo Idol.

Online poker on Shadmehr site

Rain is a card game in which Iranians also have a lot of competition with each other. There are many poker sites in Iran and they offer poker in a variety of ways. Shadmehr Aghili betting site also covers poker in the form of Omaha and Holdem and also has various tables.If you want to participate in Bet Magic Poker, after recharging your account, click on the poker option from the casino games section. Our site suggests that to become a professional in poker, read the poker game training article.

Download Idol Magic application

As mentioned above, if you have the application installed on this website, you can go directly to its new address. This program uses a system that always moves the user to a new address without filtering and is therefore very useful.

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