The main job of the PGMP certified person is to program the projects and the other important factors of the institute, giving more importance towards the security reason and some of the basic control on the projects. The candidate has to work in the IT sector field to gain experience about most of the valuable terms. The candidate who’s having the talent to do the work of the auditing with the experience gained then the job of audit officer is perfect for them.

The factors which should be practiced for the certification examination of PGMP:-

– Maintain a calm mental state.

– Confidence is a must to pass any type of test.

– First, check the profile details and immediately contact the invigilator in case of any problem.

– Check the necessities for the exam.

– Before starting the examination, check in case you have any non – permitted object on you. Hand it over to the invigilator. In case you are found with such objects that have not been specified as permissible into the examination hall, the certification examination shall stay canceled and/or with other conditions.

– A rest is advisable after few questions to refresh your efficiency.

– Try to take a light meal before the exam sitting. Otherwise, it can make you feel drowsy and decrease the concentration of the candidate.

– Reach the center with enough time in your hand so that you are ready to handle any type of unforeseen situations that might pop up in the venue.

– Try to detach yourself from the outer world for the duration of the examination.

– Initially, answer the questions that are easy for you, and you are sure of the answer. The lengthy questions can be answered later according to the time left for the completion of the test by Sprintzeal.

Certain points that need to be ignored for the certification examinations of PGMP:-

– Do not stress out while sitting to answer the questions.

– Try not to panic after seeing the questions. The difficult and easy questions are scattered throughout the question paper.

– Do not carry any non – permitted objects such as manuals, books, etc., to closed examinations, etc., or these could cost you your certification examination.

– Do not spend too much time on one question. Chunk down the total time for each question equally and thereby keep few minutes extra for revision. In case you start exceeding the time allotted for each question, mark the current one and go to the next. If you have extra time in the end, you may prefer to answer the marked/left questions.

– Do not be hasty in reading the questions. A single word can change the complete meaning of the question, and hasty reading could cost you the question. Focus special attention on words such as ‘not,’ ‘incorrect,’ etc.

– Answer easy questions by yourself to save time that would otherwise be spent in searching the exact page, sentence, or paragraph where the answer may be in the permitted manual.

– Do not lose hope if you feel the exam is tough. Try the method of choice elimination if you do not know the correct answer to a question. This way, you are left with only one or two options, out of which it should be easier to choose the correct one.

– Do not intake too much water before or during the examination, which would lead to you excusing yourself to the bathroom frequently and thus losing precious time.

The candidate has to be prepared for all of the possible errors that to be going to happen in the near future. The criteria for the PGMP Certification for every candidate will be proper experience in IT auditing, having proper knowledge in the IT security and risk management factors. Some of the recruitment is made during the organization starting since it is very tough to handle all the sources and it is not possible by any one of the people who are not professional in this sector. The candidate must have a better knowledge of the fundamentals since it is one of the factors for the auditing.


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