Buying school shoes can be pretty stressful as it requires several parameters. Whether a growing kid or a grown-up, choosing the right fitting shoes is essential. A well-fitted pair from Clarks School Shoes can be a good choice for all schoolgoers. You can get a pair from their range of popular and comfortable styles made in high-quality leather. These shoes provide proper support and room to grow, keeping them comfortable throughout the day. 

However, shopping for school shoes is not simple and requires consideration of some of the most critical factors. They are listed below.

Feet measurement

You can measure the child’s feet yourself or take the help of a specialist, but make sure that both feet are measured. Both children and adults have one foot that is wider and longer, so getting the measurement right is crucial. You can have your child stand on a piece of paper against a wall so that you can trace around the feet. Using a ruler, measure the length of the foot and add about 1 to 1.5 cm for foot swell. Also, if you are considering buying over-large shoes, thinking your child will grow into them, don’t make that mistake. It may cause injury if the child falls over or twists an ankle. 

Right size

The shoes that you buy must fit properly and support the right areas of the foot. It should be fitting enough to avoid slipping the foot but loose sufficient for unrestricted movement. You should check that they are flexible at the ball but do not twist or bend across the arch area. Also, don’t forget to look for a shock-absorbing midsole.

There should be about half an inch of space between the tip of the longest toe and the shoe tip so that the toes move freely and not get squished. Moreover, you need to ensure that the heel is held comfortably and that the shoes do not rub or dig the ankle. 

Good quality

A child’s foot grows about half a size every six months after three. It means that school shoes may last approximately one year. So, buying a pair of Clarks School Shoes made from good quality leather will be an excellent choice for durability and comfort. The quality of such shoes offers natural stretch and is likely to last you the entire school year. Also, try to look for rubber soles and double-stitching around the toe area that makes the shoe sturdy and lasts longer.     

Suitable style

The sturdy, chunky, black leather shoes may not always be the right choice for your kids as they may affect their balance and increase tripping hazards. If your child’s school has stated the need to wear black leather shoes, you can choose a lightweight and flexible one where the heel is not more than 2cm high. You can also opt for athletic styles which are lighter and more comfortable.

The common styles that you can choose from are Velcro, buckled and lace-up. If you buy for young children, go for buckle or Velcro styles. You can purchase lace-up shoes when they are enormous and ready to tie shoelaces independently. 

Consider the above-discussed factors to make the right choice of shoes for schoolgoers. Remember that the shoes must withstand regular wear and tear and keep the wearer comfortable. 



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