Before you buy a cross-line laser, you can find out how it works. In fact, this can be explained quickly. The pump energy excites numerous atoms so that the laser beams are generated. best spindle sander this effect is enhanced by mirrors and lenses. They make it possible to create shapes like a cross with the laser. In the majority of line lasers, the laser beam is red and has a wavelength of 635 nanometers. Laser beams in this color are technically uncomplicated and energy-saving. However, it happens that the eye poorly recognizes the red laser light in darkened rooms. This can be avoided with a green cross-line laser. This overview shows you the advantages and disadvantages of this:



  • More clearly visible in low light conditions

  • Partly more pleasant for the human eye




  • Consumes more energy


When making your selection, you should keep in mind that green cross-line lasers are less common on the market and often come with higher acquisition costs than the red models.


What exactly can a cross-line laser do?

The cross-line laser is designed to project distances and edges onto walls. You can also use the cross-line laser to illuminate the ceiling if, for example, you want to paint it particularly creatively. In addition, you can easily draw the solder with the help of the devices, so a cross-line laser can replace spirit level and similar work equipment. You can see exactly what it differs from these here:


Cross-line lasers

can be used as a simple leveling device

fast and uncomplicated work

difficult to detect in bright light



Simple functionality

The operation may require practice

partly unwieldy


Caliper or ruler

cheap and easy to use

Elaborate way of working

sometimes a second pair of hands is needed


With a cross-line laser, you can work quickly and easily. However, when using it, you must be careful not to stand in front of the laser. This allows the beam projected onto the wall to shift and the line becomes inaccurate.


What can you use a cross-line laser for?

With a self-leveling cross-line laser, you benefit from a wide range of possible applications. For example, you can use the cross-line laser to lay tiles straight. Other areas of application include, for example:


  • Installing the electrical system

  • Introduce soil leveling compound

  • Carry out painting work

  • Install cabinets and shelves

  • Retracting falls during wall breakthroughs

  • Hang pictures

  • In addition, you need the aid to brick chimneys. In this work, pay special attention to a cross-line laser with solder function.


Purchase advice: Which selection criteria are particularly important for line lasers?

If you want to buy a cross-line laser, you should pay attention to the quality of the device and its easy operation. The laser class can also be an important decision-making factor. However, it hardly differs in most drill sander almost all line lasers are equipped with laser class 2 and operate with a spectral range between 400 and 700 nanometers.


Attention: Short-term irradiation is not dangerous to the human eye. However, you should avoid looking long into the cross-line laser or pointing it at another person’s eyes.


A cross-line laser test on the Internet tells you which purchase criteria also play a role.


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