When it comes to the promises we make, we are quick to let them go. Why is it so difficult to keep the promises we make to ourselves? Why would you let those promises get in the way? You need to make promises as seriously as you take on others. Moreover, I say. Make It Seen – Appearance leads to action. It can be Post-It in your bathroom mirror that will remind you every morning and night. It can be on your smartphone background, so you can see it every time you turn on your phone.

It can be a bracelet or a token that you carry on your person. Do whatever is necessary to ensure that your goals are always visible. Write Down – If there is no proof, did he really promise you? Chatting on the sidelines is magical in writing your promises. Be specific and honest about what you promise to do.

How can you keep promises?

Breaking and Keeping Promises

It is easy to lower yourself. After all, no one should know except you. Inside, we pretended it never happened, or that we were unwilling to make that promise in the first place. However, the promises we make to ourselves are the most important. They open the way to our hopes, dreams, and goals. Gift a promise necklace for girlfriend.

Why It Is So Hard To Unstuck?

Once you have reached the stage of inertia, you are trapped. You have broken so many promises that you no longer even try to keep them. You do not make the decision to go to the gym because you know you will not go. You know you can’t leave because you have set and failed the same decision for ten years in a row.

That business? You know you can’t start. You thought you were going to start it years ago and your position to get into that job is temporary. But, you kept climbing the ladder at work, you became comfortable, and you finally gave up on your real dreams.

The Road to Promise, Confidence, and New Life

I did not go from magic to someone who started and never finished to someone who achieved many of his great life goals and dreams in one night. I rebuilt myself and gained more confidence by starting to keep my promises.

First of all, I did not start with these big and memorable goals. I started by doing a repetitive series of daily commitments to improve my health. At first, a successful day might have meant reading ten pages of a book. Check out also the promise necklace for boyfriend.

Then, after spending a few months having the best days – working hard, studying, being busy, etc. – I began to believe that my life would change for the better. And, just like that, while I was having a good time in my life, the opportunity fell on my thighs. Those things usually happen when you develop a boost.

Thanks to the inquiring woman friend, I started writing. Also, I did not make a big promise that I would become a writer. No, I just wrote the first blog post he asked me to write. Sthembiso ended up with him and me. I repeated this over and over. I told myself I was going to write that day and I did.


We live in a society full of inertia. Qalaza. Can you describe the majority of people in the community as moving and moving or can you describe them as completely trapped? Certainly.

The more you get caught, the harder it is to not write. Sticking together in a negative way. And for some, as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this, to begin with.

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