Want to start electronic cigarette in style? Or is it that you already have some experience but are looking for the best device ? Don’t worry, in this brief guide we will explain some guidelines that you must follow so as not to fail.

What is the best electronic cigarette?

The one you like, obviously. But you won’t know that until you’ve had a lot of trial and error. If you want to save time and choose the best electronic cigarette as quickly as possible, we recommend you take into account the following characteristics: design and measurements , recharging system and battery .

Many people believe that a device is valued for its price or if it is more or less exclusive, but far from it. There are very expensive devices that do not meet the needs of certain vapers, whether due to their size, autonomy capacity or another factor. These devices are going to guarantee us a certain quality guarantee, both for their manufacturing materials, for the management electronics or for another reason, but if they do not adapt to your needs, we cannot classify them as the best, no matter how much money they are worth.

electronic cigarette

Design and measurements

Design and measurements are very important to distinguish the best electronic cigarette from others. Why? Because it is not just an aesthetic issue, but one of ease of use and its comforts.

If you are just starting out and you are one of those who like to smoke in public, the best device for you should have the right measurements, both in size and weight, so that you can take it anywhere. A clear example is the Pods , these devices are the most recommended to satisfy your desire to smoke and on top of that they are the most comfortable devices to transport and in turn, the easiest to use.

A compact and lightweight design (like the Caliburn A2 Pod by UWELL for example) can make your life a lot easier. Luckily, you can find many mechanical and electronic Mods with these characteristics. But if you don’t care about the volume of the device to gain more autonomy or you need a device with more power, those with double or triple batteries would be a good option.

recharge system

The refill system is the mechanism to renew the e-liquid when it runs out. This is important because some refill systems are more prone to spillage than others. The best electronic cigarette refill system is simply one that prevents spills as much as possible and gives you more than enough capacity for your needs. However, ease of recharging and other factors may also be considered.

The capacity in ml is another factor to take into account, a 2ml tank that we will have to fill every so often is not the same as a 7ml tank like the Bottom Feeder bottles give us, for example. One of these bottles can last us even a whole day depending on the use, so it is a factor to take into account.

Best vape battery

Without a doubt, the battery for mods is a fundamental element , but also the simplest to choose. About it you only have to know what, the higher the amperage, the greater the number of puffs. In other words, you will enjoy your e-liquid longer with a 4200 mAh battery than with a 3000 mAh one.

In our opinion, a device with an external battery will always be better than one with an integrated battery, since it gives us the option to change it when its useful life is over.

Tips for choosing the best electronic cigarette

Here are some tips so you can find the Best pod vape the first time :

the best electronic cigarette

  1. Don’t buy cheap , you will regret it. In the world of vaping, as with everything else, that old saying applies. You know what it is, right…? Well, since you don’t want a cheap vape to be expensive, and really have the best vape for you, look for mid-range or high-end models from recognized brands. Going with Vaporesso or SMOK would be a good start.
  2. If you want to quit smoking by vaping, get an external battery kit . The reason is that the batteries run out and have a relatively long recharge time. And you, what will you do while the battery recharges? You obviously don’t want to touch a cigar. But if you buy a kit with external batteries, you can continue vaping with one while recharging the other battery.
  3. Do you remember what we said about the battery in the previous section? Well, here we add something: look for batteries with the right amperage for the amount you vape, but also a balance between amperage-weight. The reason is very simple: batteries with high amperage are also the largest and heaviest. Finding an adequate balance between these two characteristics can be a plus in your favor.
  4. The materials of the device are, for the most part, one of the factors to take into account if we want a Mod for a long time. In mechanical devices, the quality of the manufacturing material and, above all, of the contacts, make our device more or less conductive, more or less resistant to falls, or more or less exclusive.

By following the 3 otherwise fairly simple tips above, you’re off to a good start in choosing the best vape for you . That is, the one that fits perfectly with your tastes and needs.


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