We have already introduced you to the construction site toys for the construction site in the children’s room.

Here it should now be in particular about excavators, excavator toys, or even toy excavators.

The toy excavators must not be missing on any construction site in the children’s room or in the sandbox, they are made of wood, metal, plastic, or even clamping blocks. remote control car under $100 from small to large, assemble yourself or get started right away. The possibilities with the toy excavators are really very diverse here and should leave nothing to be desired.

Even for different age groups, the right toy excavators can be found, from the very small to the big and tech-savvy with control and everything that goes with it.

Excavator Toy Definition

Even though it is clear to most people what an excavator is, there are also different views. For some, “excavator” is just a kind of umbrella term and then generally applies to construction site toys. In this way, a crane or cyclist can also be quickly displayed as an excavator.

For us here in this post, it is primarily about the excavator models, so those with the remand of the value  “spoon” on it, what here:

either with chain drive or with tires, but always with an excavator arm and excavator bucket.

Which toy excavator manufacturers are there?

Of course, this also depends a bit on which segment you are in, so on the one hand in which age group, then of course material depends and then also a bit by size, or whether for the children’s room or for the sandbox.

The most well-known manufacturers of toy excavators are:


  • Brother
  • Lego
  • Vatos
  • Playmobil
  • BIG
  • SIKU
  • S-idea
  • Lena

With these providers, there is something for every age. But our focus here is on the Buder toy excavators and Lego toy excavators

How much does a toy excavator cost?

Similar to the manufacturers, the price also depends on various factors. The simple little toy excavators for toddlers or babies are already available for just over 10 €, such as Lena’s popular model, the Lena EcoActives excavator, which is specially designed for “outdoor use”.

The first wooden toy excavators are already available for around 20 €. The brother excavator models too, but here the price quickly jumps to over 50 €.

The robust and durable construction does the rest to ensure that you will have long driving pleasure with this vehicle. For around 550.- Euro is a good purchase! Just like with Lego or then the remote-controlled models, which can also quickly cost over 100 €.

Recommended toy excavators

Here you will find toy excavators, f1 formula rc car which are recommended by our toy editors, where the criteria such as experience, technology, equipment, and price are discussed

Lena 4211 EcoActives excavator, construction site vehicle approx. 35 cm, robust bucket excavator, natural wood smell due to ecological wood content, sand excavator for children from 


  • 2 years, play vehicle in yellow
  • Excavator approx. 35cm in ecological look
  • Natural wood smell due to wood content in the plastic
  • Excavator function lockable, galvanized steel axes
  • To promote motor skills in children from 2 years of age


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