Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, an excellent list of cool car gadgets and resources has arrived! You will be greatly refreshed by these game-changing road requirements that everyone from enthusiastic travelers to long-distance truck drivers would like to have on their road trips. All the smart car accessories on this list shoot at all cylinders to keep you safe, make your trip more orderly, and add fun to your trip.

Essential car accessories for a new car

Every good gadget here will turn your whip into a future trip and make your cigarette easier to your new favorite place. From classic car seat inserts to high-tech gadgets that you don’t know you need like your Amazon Alexa-powered car, do not apply the brakes on this list. You will need to go from 0 to 100 ASAP to trick your car. Check out the car accessories store online.

Whether it’s for extra protection or for fun, there are a few car accessories you can be wise to spend your money on. Here are 7 of our favorite car gadgets that every car owner should buy:

1. USB charging hub
Some newer models have faster USB charging holes that provide extra power to keep your phone locked. However, most cars with USB chargers have a normal voltage of 1A (1 Amp) – not enough to charge enough devices. A USB charging hub, connected to your 12V DC, is the best option. DC plugs are usually rated at least 10A, which is powerful enough for a device (or five). With a DC-to-USB hub, you can enable all of those devices at once.

Something like the Aukey Expedition Trio, which offers 42 watts of power using 3 USB ports, is a good, cheap option. You can also try the Scosche BTFreq ™ Power Delivery Kit which provides USB charging holes and a wireless FM transmitter – a useful piece of technology for older cars without Bluetooth. However, most cheap DC-USB charging hubs will work well enough.

2. Smartphone Mount

A phone holder or elevator is fine in these cases. Many products are available and can be installed on the vents, windshields, or even the dashboard of your car – wherever you feel it is most convenient, actually.

At the level, we find that magnetic car mounting, like this Maxboost product, works very well. Almost no installation is required; just put it in place and let nature do its thing. If you choose something to put on your dashboard, window, or hard plastic, try iOttie Easy One Touch, which is compatible with most modern devices and can even charge your phone wirelessly. Get some tips on car repair and maintenance.

3. Bluetooth Key Finder
Forgetful types – you know who you are – can sometimes misplace their car keys. It is possible. Attaching something like a Tile Mate Bluetooth device to your key can be a godsend. These little gadgets can track your keys (anything, for that matter) up to 400 feet. Just use the Tile app from your smartphone or computer, and Mate will ring until you close it.

4. Portable Vacuum Cleaner
A wireless vacuum cleaner should be compatible with any vehicle waste that can be purchased. They are lightweight, durable, and ideal for a trip to Miami Beach for the afternoon sun and sand.

We recommend choosing a portable vacuum that offers more flexibility than absorbing power. That is, you need a car vacuum with lots of attachments and pipes that allow you to clean under the seats and between the cushions. Black + Decker and Shark always make quality products, though choosing an auto brand is all about popularity.

5. Car trash can
Who does not love a clean car? A small, portable trash can for your car is an easy-to-use utility that makes it easy to keep down without granola bar wrappers, napkins, or any other litter you take out while driving. Provide something like a Drive Bin or a High Road StashAway Console Trash Can shot.

6. Car power converters
Anyone who will camp on the reg knows how important air mattresses are. But raising them can be difficult in ancient camps – it is impossible to do so without power, in fact. The DC car power converter allows you to feed the air mattresses in just a moment. They are also useful if you need to charge a portable computer or use power tools in the workplace.

Your choice of the power inverter will depend on how much oomph you need. Something like this small, 200W inverter from Foval should suffice for small devices and air mattresses. For larger operations that require larger tools, you will need a larger power converter like the Krieger 1500W inverter.

7. Car Dash Cam
You have no control over what other drivers do on the road. You can, however, record everything they do, in the unlikely event that you become a victim of their misconduct. That’s what a dashboard camera, or dash camera, is for you.

Dashcams are one of the best car gadgets you can buy in 2020. He can film videos of accidents, hitting and running, and try insurance fraud, so it won’t just be “your voice compared to theirs.” Best of all, new dash cameras are easier to install, have a higher definition, and are more affordable than their ancient ancestors.


What is the best dash cam to buy? That depends on what you value most. With video quality and night vision, the Viofo A129 Duo is a great choice, as it offers full 1080P video, night vision, motion detection, automatic emergency recording, and a few other benefits. If you drive a lot and need storage to fit your journey, check out the Kenwood A700. This dashcam offers up to 256GB of portable memory and wireless recording capability.

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