When it comes to power supply, according to our security camera-for-the-outside comparison, down quilt backpacking you basically have three choices, with some variants being offered in combination. There are surveillance cameras for outdoor use with cable, with battery, or with the solar operation. The last two variants are wireless surveillance cameras for outdoor use.

Outdoor security camera with a cable

If the surveillance camera is equipped with cables for the outside, then it works with a classic power cable.

Outdoor security camera with battery

An outdoor security camera with a battery, on the other hand, is independent of the power supply and can therefore be placed anywhere. However, it should be noted with the surveillance camera for the outside battery that the battery must also be charged and therefore it can also come to phases in which in the worst case no surveillance takes place.

Outdoor security camera with the solar operation

The third variant is the surveillance camera for outdoor use with the solar operation. In this case, the device is equipped with a solar panel so that the camera can be operated independently of other power sources. Often the solar version is combined with a battery so that the battery can be charged independently of the electricity with the solar module. This variant is particularly environmentally friendly.

Is it allowed to install a surveillance camera outside?

Many buyers may wonder if it is even allowed to install a surveillance camera. After all, it can be used to film and monitor other people.

Basically, private individuals are allowed to use and install this type of camera but only monitor their own property and house.

No public areas may be monitored, otherwise, high fines could be threatened in the worst case. Especially with swivel cameras, it is important that the camera does not point to public areas at any time (i.e. at the maximum exhaustion of the angle).

Where can I buy an outdoor security camera?

A surveillance camera for the outdoor tests shows that there are numerous points of contact for purchase.

On the one hand, you can buy the device locally (for example, in the discounter Aldi, if such offers exist, or in specialist shops), but on the other hand also online.

Especially the online purchase has some advantages to offer in 2022. Technical products are available in a variety of designs and not always all models are available on site.

We, therefore, recommend taking a look at the online offers, as the best outdoor surveillance camera is available here in exactly the desired configuration. You also get the surveillance camera for the outside cheap, often even cheaper than in the specialist trade. You can usually purchase an entire security camera set consisting of several parts.

Where should A surveillance camera be installed outside?

Basically, you are completely free to decide where to place the security camera. However,hiking paints for women it is important that it does not point to public or foreign properties at any time (even if it is swiveling). If you install the outdoor security camera, you must also pay attention to the power supply. If the camera works with a power cable, it is usually mounted firmly on the garage or on the wall of the house. With the battery and solar variants, on the other hand, you are free in the location.


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